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Review for Luc Rabearison, Tour guide in Mahajanga, Madagascar

Jahya was our gateway to Madagascar and he provided an excellent introduction to the country and its ways. His English is terrific. No language ... More more right

Review for Jahya Shad, Tour guide in Mahajanga, Madagascar

About Mahajanga

A laid-back, lethargic seaside stop-off on the cusp of northern Madagascar, the city of Mahajanga (or just Majunga as it’s known to the locals) is framed by sporadic bouts of gaudy bougainvillea bushes and the looming silhouettes of chubby baobab trees. It’s crowned by one long and winding coastal promenade, which threads its way past yellow-sanded beaches, rolling Indian Ocean swells and sporadic groves of swaying coconut palms, all the while playing host to clusters of Malagasy locals munching on francophone brochette. In the heart of town, a curious historic core feathers out from the Avenue de France, awash with whittled wooden doors and curiously arabesque architecture. The port district is further dominated by a medley of bobbing local fishing boats, mosque minarets, relics of French colonialism and wandering locals clad in djellaba robes, a testimony to the place’s indelible multiculturalism. What’s more, with over 240 days of sun here every year, the beaches are (of course) a major pull, and it’s a good idea to consult a Mahajanga tour guide before hitting the sand and surf; there are, after all, sharks in these waters.

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