I've been traveling around the world for over 30 years and Happy is by far the very best guide I've ever had the pleasure to travel with. I'll never forget how when i first met him, he asked, how can I make you happy too? What have you not seen, want to buy, want to eat? I came back to America and have told so many people about Happy from Vietnam. I tell "them" what a brilliant person he is. He ask and he truly makes you feel he cares, not just because it is his business, (which is enough) but he cares about you as a person...Happy even sent me an article about how happy people are in his country. I can truly say Happy is one of the amazing and remarkable human being I have ever had the honor and pleasure to meet, to call my friend even though I only spent a few days with him. I can't wait to travel with Happy again! Just being around him is such a positive experience. I just can't say enough!!!!