It was an unforgettable trip for me to spend 3 days and nights in the desert of southern Morocco with my wonderful guides Khalil, Mohamed, Mustapha and three beautiful camels. 

Khalil is one-of-a-kind and a good soul. He takes great care of his guests.

Our trekking route took us through at least 3 varied desert landscapes including a majestic dune scenery.

I experienced the cordial hospitality of Khalil and his team also at our delicious desert breakfasts, tagines and the romantic evening tea ceremonies around the fire. Sleeping under the sparkling stars was a highlight.

Anytime I felt safe and secured.

Khalil is also a very talented musician of Saharan music and enjoyed sharing his beautiful voice with us during our entire journey. 

These guys are the real ambassadors of Morocco and its rich culture and the mystic Saharan nomadic life.

Khalil and his warm and friendly team at this lovely guesthouse in Mhamid are simply not to be missed.