It was my first time in Vietnam and really no clue what to do or where to go. I planned to stay in Hanoi for for 4 days but I wanted to get out of the city after the first couple of days and out of the tourist area. 

I found this trip which would visit handicraft villages outside of Hanoi in the countryside and sounded just like what I needed. 

Jane met me in Hanoi and was the most friendly local I had met since I arrived in Vietnam. She took me for a local coffee while we waited for the others to arrive which she didn't have to do :) 

We travelled around 1 hour out of the city and to Jane's home town which doesn't attract any tourists at the moment so it was amazing to meet the real locals to get an authentic experience. Jane seems to know everyone is these beautiful little village. She introduced us to all her friends and she would translate our questions that we had for the families. 

I didn't really expect to meet friends who were also on this trip, but Jane brought us all together and we will definitely keep in touch after our great day trip in Hanoi :)

Thanks again!