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Ngerengere River Eco camp/tour and environmental services, has been is service since 2006.

We are very much involved in responsible tourism, Community development, Environmental preservation.

We are managing a school which serve children from poorer families in Lukwambe village.

A visitor will has a chance to get to know or participate in our social projects such as supporting our Primary School by teaching simple English, mathematics, sports etc.

The camp was designed to accommodate volunteers who come to join social projects. The camp is located in the natural environment thus make us to receive many tourists who like to stay in the nature but also have a chance to participate in serving our people through our projects.

Through Tourism we have generated new jobs for local people around the Eco camp.

For several years we have done a wonderful job whereby our clients has enjoyed our services including Accommodations and food which prepared and served by locals, tour guiding has been one of our work, we do guiding for our guests when they do bush walks, visits to Maasai homes, trips to national parks around such as Mikumi, Ruhaa, Udzungwa, Saadan, Selou and hiking on Uluguru mountains.

We offer a unique cultural tourism experience! Our guests can learn and experience the culture of the people. They will meet local villagers and also Maasai families.

Around the camp guests will have the chance to explore the natural environment with baboons, galagos, beautiful birds, chameleons, bushbabies, white and black colorbus monkeys, and other animals around the Camp. 

We organise airport pick up and other transfers to different destinations.

We are very long experienced tour guides who make our guests to explore the beauty and bulk natural resources of Tanzania.

Explore Tanzania with us.

  • TourHQ ID: TZ36371

  • Private Tours Operator in: Dar es Salaam

  • Other Guiding City:Morogoro

  • Languages spoken by our guides: English

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With other services, we supply food and accommodation. We arrange airport pick up. We organize transfers to different destinations around ...

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