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"Human memory is picture oriented and not word oriented." We are a leading History and Tourism Company which started out as an individual/solo tourist with passions for history, the culture turned into adventures. Then graduated to managing holiday destinations and organizing tours for families and friends, and now we are an established company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are also members of Nigerian Tour Operators (NATOP), an Associate member with the Institute of Tourism professionals (ITP) and a licensed practitioner in the Tourism industry. The world is history on its own; the entire world is filled with mind-blowing attractions and incredible historical landmarks worth seeing. Each continent has its uniqueness. Every country is home to marvels! We believe the 21st-century generation does not really have much depth of history and tourism that we have in the world, that is why We at Shehmen Historic Tours intend to revive this by leading delegates to these historic sites. Our vision is to bring history back to life with lasting memories and connect people to cultures and history of other countries. We intend doing this by taking our delegates on the adventure, Field trips, excursion, & tourist holiday visits. Experience, as we do say, is the best and the only teacher, thus valuing history and historic tours is a treasure trove of the gems of experience that pokes your anxiety. The best and unforgettable way to learn in life is through “Education - Exposure - Exploration & Experience”.At Shehmen Historic Tours, it is our commitment to provide you with unique tour itineraries where you will discover the essence of a new culture that leaves you with unforgettable adventures, memorable experiences. We take you to historic sites of well over 1000 adventures and unrecorded events that took place generations behind.

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