Silvia Nardin

Ciao everyone!

My name is Silvia and I was born and bred in Venice.

I have always travelled in my own life and worked as an inbound operator in Venice and all over Italy for more than 15 years, both things combined are definitely a "plus" because I have a strong attitude to problem solving and great experience inside and outside the office which is not always offered by the people working in tourism.I studied at the technical Institute for Tourism in Venice and then got my graduation in foreign languages always working in the tourism business since the very beginning as a hostess doing transfers.The aspect that I love the most about my job is that I always get in touch with new people and I can customize the tours for my clients: age, mobility issues, interests. . . it is always a surprise!All my tours are customizable, we can always make arrangements and adapt the tours to your needs before you book them.

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