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About me

Hi, I have been working as a private Tour Guide and Couchsurfer since about 2007. I've got a University degree in Administration & Economy with a speciality in Accountancy. What I like to offer to my clients is a tailor-made service, sharing my knowledge and areas of interest. The idea is basically to take you around sharing knowledge, ideas and also impressions like I am travelling too! 

You can see my Couchsurfing profile here: 

Current Mission: To guide, come closer and meet people that are really good and positive to know. I like making new friends from all over the world and share experiences. I like hospitality and tourism. I like meeting people from all over the world and travel with them. 

Personal Description: I am a very social and open-minded person. I hate pride and hypocrisy. I would characterise myself as a "couch-potato" not because I like staying at home, but rather because I do not like going out alone. I really enjoy hanging out with friends for a coffee or drink, dinner or visit a disco club or a church. I do not like going out or meeting in the Old City of Rhodes, but I prefer the new city of Rhodes as it has much to offer both to young and mature people. I am a very honest person, I hate hypocrisy and lies and I like hospitality and travel. I like making new friends and share experiences and thoughts with educated people but also with experienced people in life. I like travelling but I usually travel for business purposes. I want to live some new and nice experiences with other people. I hate it when people just disappear after they have just taken advantage of your hospitality without even leaving a comment or keeping in touch in any way. I like Christian, disco and pop music, I like dancing Disco and slows in a nice club or listening to nice music in a nice club. I am a mature person and I like being with other honest and funny people. 

How I Participate in guiding: I try to be hospitable. I am open to meeting and hosting people and making new friends, and try to be helpful to them when visiting my island. I try to keep contact with each person I meet as long as they deserve it and they want it too. I work in the days, having to wake up daily early in the morning. I cannot promise to all couchsurfers to show them around on the island because I need to take a nap after work. I enjoy going out in the evenings for a coffee or drink, or dinner. I can easily show the Acropolis of Rhodes which is close to my place and also the new city of Rhodes or Afandou town. I try to be useful giving all information necessary when I can and also be a good company to them. 

Guiding Experience: I have met, guided and hosted a lot of people in Rhodes by now. I am quite happy about the existence of this marvellous site that gives you the opportunity to know other people from all over the world. I have met many young and also mature people from many countries, like China, Poland, Italy, Britain, U.S.A., New Zealand, Australia, Greece etc.. Philosophy: I am a very open-minded person. Just tell or ask me what you really like, be yourself, be honest and open to me, and I will be also the same and we can both enjoy ourselves together. Being shy does not help, it can only make us regret things we had a good chance to do but did not do. Be yourself and try to always become better. I try to be as kind and good to others in every possible way. I am not perfect, although I try to be. If you are a couple, please promise me I won’t feel any embarrassing moments of silence with one of you. I am good in English, IT, computers, Internet, website building. I enjoy a good meal with others.

License/ Certification
  • Car, Motorcycle, Taxi, Bus.

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January 2018
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