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About Puerto Natales City

Few towns in South America can boast such a handsome location as. The snow-mantled ridges of Chilean Patagonia shoulder their way above it, rising and rising until they come to the dagger-like peaks of the famous Torres del Paine. This proximity to the latter is one of the foremost reasons for Puerto Natales status as South America's best bucket-list trekking destination. The town itself is a timber-clad array of painted cabins and salt-washed jetties, bobbing fishing boats and the ubiquitous rises of one whitewashed, Spanish-style Cathedral. Tourism is the main industry here, catering to the ever-increasing footfalls of the outdoorsy types, and the reason there are now so many Puerto Natales City tour guides offering outfitting services out into the wilds. Of course, there are plenty of other fascinating pursuits in this rugged cutout of Ultima Esperanza, from boating through the fjords to horseback riding in the ranges of Cerro Benitez. Just don't forget the thermals!

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