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About Bermuda

A fishhook of an island in the North Atlantic that sits pretty betwixt irresistible sands and coral-clad sea beds, Bermuda is a magnet for jet setters and yacht sailors, spa lovers and well-to-do beach bums alike. Along it’s coastal parishes, from the rose-tinted powders of Horseshoe Bay in Southampton to the secluded stretches of Chaplin Bay in Warwick, the lapping blue of the ocean seems just a little bluer than everywhere else in the Caribbean, while the sultry trade winds make for pleasant Hawaiian shirt weather! Meanwhile, Bermuda tour guides are at hand to reveal the deep colonial roots of settlements like St George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the whitewashed mansions and fishing jetties go back all the way to the early 1600s. Golf is big too, and the undulating contours of championship courses, trodden by business folk in designer wear, run their way all over the island; between the crumbling forts of the colonial age and past the ice-cream-coloured seafront builds of Hamilton.

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