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Where to eat in St.Petersburg?

Saint-Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. And of course the second richest city after Moscow in Russia!  

Now, you will notice  on the streets - a number of shops, restaurants and cafes at St. Petersburg. There are cafes on almost every corner. That is why, it is hard even for the locals sometimes to decide which place is better to choose for a good meal. For foreigners - this mission is as hard as to learn Russian!

That's why I am including a list of 5 best places to eat at St. Petersburg. You will not regret this list, trust me! 

So, the top five are:

  • Korushka restaurant :  This restaurant has a mix of local food with perfect nature and water views. Try this restuarant for variety Georgian food. 

       * Life hack - you can get a ride by the golf car to the parking spot here. Just order on the hostess table for free

  • Russian Vodkaroom : Here, there are exceptional traditional classy dishes and the service that you receive here is really good. Be blown away by the variety of Russian Vodka - more than 250 kinds and match it with a perfect choice of black caviar.

       *Life hack - you can use bonus certificate from the picture above to get free shot of vodka and herring sandwich!

  • Cococo : is the most avante-garden restaurant in the list. You will love the desserts menu here. They have a modern, molecular cuisine approach which is fun to try out. Try Mom's Favourite flower (on picture), new symbol of St. Petersburg!

       *book table in advance

  • Mansarda restaurant: offers perfect views from its roof top seatings and also that of the cathedral views. The fusion food here is a must try and also the crab dishes - Kamchatka crabs.

        *Life hack - You can see here the famous view to the roofs of St. Petersburg - no need to climb uptill St. Isaacs for the same (262 steps up )

  • Stolle pies: You will regret if you miss it. One of the most popular chain of the fast food. Russian fast food is pies, something like our grandmoms baked for us when we were hungry in our  childhood days. The combination here is  Pie with cabbage - 100% authentic Russian. And, you can choose from more than 20 kinds. The pastries are also a good choice here and even their meat pies. 

       * Life hack - take small pieces of different tastes, to get whole variety of flavors)

If you want to have a thorough guide about sneaky places, bars, restaurants, that are the most popular - just write to me and I can give you great advice about where to celebrate anniversary or to do bar hopping.  I love restaurant life in my city and always looking to try out new dishes. 


Contributed By Polina Volkova


Contributed By Polina Volkova