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Hikkaduwa-Sri Lanka

Tour Guide, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has always been an ideal destination for an exotic wedding ceremony and honeymoon, and currently it enjoys the third spot on most popular destination for weddings and honeymoons in the world. The back drop of your wedding can be selected from, hot-air balloons drifting silently through the air, a jungle setting, on a wide sandy beach with an elephant, on a riverboat cruising along a river, little private island, a tea plantation, to a private ceremony in an old church in the hill country. Talk to us to arrange an unforgettable wedding to suit your requirements, whether you want an exotic or traditional Sri Lankan style wedding.

The couple must be over the legal age of 18 as in most western countries on the day of ceremony, and the following must be carried if you wish to be married in Sri Lanka, the original birth certificate along with a photocopy, passport and copy, an affidavit confirming the marital status of couple prior to marriage, if widowed the death certificate of the former spouse, or if names has been changed prior to wedding legal proof of change, or if either party is divorced a court decree proving lawful termination of previous marriage must be presented prior to the wedding ceremony. Once the ceremony is completed and a certificate will be provided by the registrar in Sinhala language with a certified copy in English.

Attire must be selected wisely as Sri Lanka is a tropical country, and choosing cumbersome traditional European or Western wear would have you wanting to cool off in the pool rather than grace the ceremony with your presence. We suggest that you select light silk or cotton dress for ladies and linen or cotton suits for the gentleman.

Ceremony proceedings will be as follows 

  • Bride and the groom will be separately escorted from their hotel rooms to the marriage ceremony in a stunning procession performed by traditional Kandyan Dancers and drummers.

  • Master of Ceremonies invites the couple to be married to the Poruwa (Specially made marriage podium), by blowing of the shell.

  • The couple will exchange vows and a bunch of betel leaves Seven times marking a tradition that symbolises the love and bond which will last for many generations.

  • The marriage is denoted by tying the index fingers of the couple with a gold coloured thread and water poured on it by the Master of Ceremonies from a crafted silver jug whilst singing blessings from God (Traditionally called as “Ashtaka”).

  • After the couple exchange weddings bands they feed each other with milk, rice and water, a representational vow to take care of each other for life.

  • To commemorate the marriage young girls dressed in the traditional Sri Lankan Saree will sing wedding songs (Traditionally called as “Jayamangala Gatha”. As a custom, the girls are given a symbolic gift.

  • Now the wedded couple is invited to step out of the special marriage podium (Poruwa) amidst singing and beating of drums. As couple steps out, a coconut is dashed to bless them with children and prosperity.

  • The couple lights the traditional oil lamp to symbolise light of hope and success. This event is done in all important events and occasions in Sri Lanka.

  • The maried couple and witnesses, sign the marriage certificate in the presence of the Registrar of Marriages.

  • End of traditional ceremony. Then the couple will be taken to the beach in an open top Moris Minor Car for Sunset photographs. A lavishly dressed Elephant will carry the couple for a ride along the beach.