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Travel Tips for Travellers to Jiuzhaigou Valley

Travel Tips for Travellers to Jiuzhaigou Valley

As so many visitors are interested in visiting Jiu Zhaigou Valley, i have prepared some useful tips for everybody, hope it can help you with your trip in Sichuan!

1.出发时间比较早, 九寨沟的出发时间都比较早,如果您是入住酒店,请自行提前通知酒店为您提供路餐作为早餐,早上到前台处自行领取。当地条件较为艰苦,蔬菜较少,且口味不是很好,建议客人自带些干粮或零食(400多公里:水泥和沥青盘山公路)。
1. You need to leave early for Jiu Zhaigou from Chengdu, if you live in the hotel in Chengdu,its better for you to ask them to prepare the takeaway breakfast for you. Living condition in Jiu Zhaigou Valley is not very good, they don’t have various vegetables, and the dishes don’t taste very well, its better for you to bring some foods or snacks. (Over 400km, cement and asphalt winding road on the mountains in highland.)

2. Living condition in Jiu Zhaigou is not as good as in cities, there will be limits offering electric power and hot water everyday. Generally the hot water is available from 9pm to 11pm, in order to protect the local environment, the hotels there wont offer one-time toiletries, please prepare your own toiletries.

3.It’s a long way from Chengdu to Jiu Zhaigou by drving, most of the roads are in the moutains, if you may have car-sick, it’s very necessary for you to keep some carsick medicine with you. During the popular travel season, it’s common to meet traffic jams, which will make itinerary delayed, please try to understand.

4. Because of its special climate, it’s very common that the facilities inside the rooms are humid, if you have high demand for hotels, its better for you to upgrade your rooms or hotels.

5. Jiu Zhaigou locates in highland, if you may have altitude stress, please prepare some anti-altitude stress medicine with you.

6.Jiu Zhaigou has three branches, one-way 35km, every travel spot has a tour bus station,with the ticket you buy at the gate, you can change into any tour bus at the stations, each tour bus has a guide. The order of visiting the three branches of the valley mainly depends on the dispatchers of the tour buses, in order to spread the visitors in Jiu Zhaigou, which is also better for you to take pictures. Generally the tour bus will go to the highest part of each valley, and then you can walk down and start your visit, so you wont feel too tired.

7.The best way to visit Jiu Zhaigou is to look around freely, the tour buses there work exactly like the buses in city, so even the tour guide can’t walk with you all the time (especially when the guide guides a large group.)
The recommended routes: Tour bus at the gate---Primeval Forest---Fargesia Lake (or Arrow-bamboo Lake) ---Panda Lake---Five-flower Lake---Pearl shoal---Mirror Lake---Nuo Ri Lang Travel Service Center---Long Lake---Multi-color Pond---Nuo Ri Lang Waterfall---Tiger Lake---Shu Zheng Waterfall---Sparkling Lake---Reed Lake---Bonsai Lake---Bao Jing Rock---Go out.

8. The weather in Jiu Zhaigou is very changeable, please bring enough warm clothes, umbrellas, sun cream, and sunglasses and prepare some cold or diarrhea medicine and band-aids with you.

9. If you are going to have meals in Nuo Ri Lang Restaurant inside Jiu Zhaigou, the price for the buffet is at least 60yuan/person, the dishes are plain and it may waste the time for you to visit, it’s better for you to bring some foods by yourself.

10. You are not allowed to smoke inside Jiu Zhaigou Valley, if you have smoking habit, please go to the smoking area, or you will get a hefty fine. Jiu Zhaigou is World Natural Heritage, please protect it and love it.


Contributed By Amy Xiao

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Contributed By Amy Xiao