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Travel ideas for Romania and Republic of Moldova

Travel ideas for Romania and Republic of Moldova

Description destination: Northern Moldavia

Romania is a country of natural beauty with a rich cultural heritage. Enchants visitors with its picturesque landscapes, quiet wooded hills and valleys undulating countryside full of traditions and folklore, but also cities that have a rich history.

Romania is primarily famous for the monasteries of Bucovina. The area took this name after Habsburg domination, it is translated from the glory by "Beechwood Country".

Northern Moldavia traveler offers views of rare beauty, plus famous monasteries built by the greatest rulers and Moldavian boyars.

Myths and History

Moldova certainly had many rulers to account, but the best known and best was undoubtedly the ruler Stefan the Great (1457-1504). He ruled for almost 50 years, the duration of which has not been equaled in the history of Moldova. In its time, the country has led many battles for independent against several neighbors, such as the Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Poland and Hungary.

Several of the churches and monasteries built during his reign are today on the list of World Heritage Sites. Many legend swarming around Prince Sun, but among the best known say that for each the victory against the Turks (and not only), Stefan built many a monastery or a church, thus reaching a total of 44 churches and monasteries, but not accurate data are to stand testimony as evidence for each.

The fact is that Moldova has reached its peak during the reign of Stefan Cel Mare he was sole ruler of Romanian history that was passed among the saints by the decision of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church from June 20, 1992.


Moldavian national cuisine has influenced many traditional cuisines of other nations on its territory. Is known polenta - a maize porridge with fine taste and delicious. Polenta can be served with scrambled eggs, steak, cheese, cream, etc.

Moldovan cuisine a special role rests with meat products, especially cooking hot, and appetizers. It is popular chicken broth soup, goulash, roast pork, sausages („mici”sau „mititei”) of beef, mutton charcoal.

In Bucovina, almost everything is eated using cream ingredient that is found in almost all food products.

„Bors”and mince from Bucovina are prepared with cream: Borsch Polish potatoes and beets, "nests of five" (five rolls, each filled with them - chicken, pork, beef and lamb with sheep - wrapped all in a leaf the potbal) tocineii (meatballs in "barabule" from Bucovina - Bukovina potato), trout prepared with cream, etc.

Further characterizing ingredient in culinary terms Bucovina are mushrooms and trout.

Homeland monasteries, monastic food and Bucovina has fasting food specifically: vegetable Putna sausage, cabbage with cheese from Sucevita, pie with mushrooms from Dragomirna etc.

Do not miss the North of Moldavia!

1. Who comes in the land of Moldova and not taste the moldavian dishes? We recommend warmly to try the special „ciorba radauteana”, a specific soup of this area that does not prepare nowhere better than home to her mother, Moldavian stew with polenta and garlic sauce and many other traditional dishes.

2. Southern region of Moldova is invaded by an impressive collection of monasteries in the fifteenth century. Many of them were founded by Stephen the Great, as a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God, how many times wins the battle, among them one of the most impressive is Putna where the relics of Prince Stefan cel Mare .

3. A walk through the park Sipote (Fortress which houses the statue of Stefan cel Mare). The road to this statue is very short if we start from the city, steps are already trodden by tourists and others.

4. Village Museum is also two steps away from the city mentioned. The museum illustrates households, small village and way of life of the villagers.

5. Do not miss to see in Suceava the biggest traditional Easter egg in the world (Guinness World Record in 2009), with a height of 7.25 meters.


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