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Tips on Planning a tour with Confidence your Private tour guide.

Confidence travel desk:

Tips on Planning a tour with Confidence your Private tour guide.

Plan Your Trip

  • Tour ideas: Contact me for a customized tour or check out some Sample Tours.

  • Tailor-made tours:   request to plan a customized trip to any of our destinations.

  • Short of time: Day Trips and Overnight Trips.

  • Join a Group: All Group Tours are for include special festivals.

  • Confirm Booking

  • Approve your proposal after I create a plan for the dates and destinations you wish.

  • Review the Terms and Conditions.

  • Confirm your booking

  • enter your Booking Form.

  • make a 25% booking deposit or pay in full.

  • many options available to make a payment.

  • Booking is confirmed and reserved only after receipt of deposit.

  • Before Embarking

  • Obtain your visa for travel to Ghana Nigeria, Liberia.

  • Receive a required yellow fever vaccination and bring proof of such vaccination.

  • Purchase travel insurance of the desired coverage.

  • Review our Rules for Visitors for important tips on how to best interact with locals.

  • Arrival at any of the designated International Airport

  • (Murtala Mohammed international airport/Kotoka international airport/ Roberts sports airport)

  • Your vaccination card will be examined upon arrival. 

  • If you do not have a current yellow fever vaccination, you will be detained.

  • Queue along at Immigration to have your passport with an entry visa examined.

  • Queue at the baggage claim carousel. Wheel carts are free, but baggage handlers that assist you will expect a tip.

  • Exit the baggage claim area, proceed down the ramp.

  • Queue at the Customs checkpoint to have your luggage examined.

  • Have your baggage claim tags confirmed.

  • Exit the airport Arrivals hall. Total time elapsed after your flight lands can be up to 90 minutes.

  • For Accra airport pick-ups, your guide will be waiting for you outside the airport, just as you exit the Arrivals hall. He or she will be easy to see in our private tour guide outfit, holding your name written on a  sign.

  • There is an ATM and a foreign exchange booth next to baggage claim and just outside the arrivals hall. It can be a good idea to obtain enough cash to get through a couple days while you are waiting for your luggage - especially if you are immediately departing or arrive on the weekend.

  • In-country travels

  • During your time travelling together your guide is at your beck and call  24 hours a day. However, due to the increase in road accidents after dark, I generally do not drive outside of urban areas after sunset, which occurs at 6:00 PM every night here on the equator.

  • Because your adventure never stops, your guide is always on call. Let your guide know of anything you need. Do not hesitate to be direct, but always be polite. you guide is so attentive, you may need to inform your guide when you wish time alone.

  • Money 

  • Notify the issuers of any debit or credit card that you plan to use it in Ghana/Nigeria or Liberia. If they are not aware that you have travelled, their fraud detection software will decline any requests for money from within your country of visit. Call the phone number on the back of the card and let them know you will be travelling to Africa. They could also inform you of any charges that would be associated with taking cash in cedis.


  • In regards to guide tipping, as in all other areas of the hospitality industry, tips are a major part of service employees’ income. Tips are performance-based and should be provided in exchange for excellent service. Somewhere in the range of $10-$20 per day will make them happy, or for groups, a minimum of $3 per person per day. These tips should be collected by someone on behalf of your group at the end and given to the guide, who will share them with any other tour staff.

  •  If meals are included in your tour, then tips to your servers are also included. Of course, if anyone is exceptional or goes beyond expectations to make a favourable impression, it is acceptable for you to provide an additional tip or gift or some sort.


  • Exchange or donate your Ghana/Nigeria/Liberia currency. Donate or leave behind any clothing or personal supplies that you can easily replace. Every bit helps here!

  • Pack well for the trip home. Your bags will be weighed and inspected at the airport check-in. Be informed of what you may legally bring into your home country.

  •  Private tour planning is easy with me! 


Contributed By Confidence Aguiyi

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