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The Top Things to Do in Las Vegas Outside its Casinos

The Top Things to Do in Las Vegas Outside its Casinos

Las Vegas-United States of America

With nearly 40 million visitors passing through its neon-lit streets each year, Las Vegas truly deserves its epithet as the “Entertainment capital of the world”. For those looking to spend their days and nights rolling the dice, putting on their best poker faces or listening to the slot machines jingle and sing- the attractions and destinations in Sin City are limitless. But what about the visitors who aren’t looking to gamble their holidays away? Here is a Vegas guide to our favorite, non-casino activities and destinations in Vegas.

The Best Things to Do in Las Vegas for Adrenaline Seekers

Las Vegas is home to a number of exciting attractions that will make your heart race and leave your stomach in your throat. New York-New York Hotel & Casino’s famous Roller Coaster is a two-minute forty-second ride filled with dips, drops, loops and spirals through some of “New York’s” most famous attractions- definitely one for the fun seekers. The 350-meter tall Stratosphere Hotel & Casino is also home to some of the city’s most adrenaline-filled adventures... and they’re not for the faint of heart! Atop the peak of the Stratosphere, visitors can take on four different adventure rides (three of which are the world’s highest “thrill rides”) from shots to the tip of the tower to bungee jumping over its edge. A final fun-stop in Vegas is located in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino: The Adventuredome. A five-acre theme park, the Adventuredome is home to roller coasters, rock climbing walls, mini golf courses, carnival games and more; there’s truly something for everyone here!

Getting Outdoors

Quite possibly the most stunning and exciting attraction near Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam. Built in the 1930s, this man-made marvel impounds the Colorado River and Lake Mead and provides power for a large area of both Nevada and California. Another outdoor marvel that visitors can explore is the Red Rocks Canyon Natural Conservation Area. Home to a large number of red sandstone peaks and walls, this protected region is home to some excellent hiking and rock climbing destinations. If you don’t mind getting a bit further out of town, Las Vegas is also a popular starting point for day trips to the Grand Canyon.

For visitors looking to stay within the confines of Las Vegas, nothing beats a cruise down the world-famous Vegas Strip, a stroll through the pedestrian-friendly Fremont Street Experience, a gondola ride along the Venetian’s canals or a visit to Mandalay Bay’s public Shark Reef Aquarium.

History and Culture

Interested in learning a bit about the background of Las Vegas while you’re in town? The city is home to a number of interesting museums and exhibits that are well worth a short visit during your holiday. The Nevada State Museum and Las Vegas Natural History Museum are two informative stops for those who want a glimpse into the history of the city’s natural and economic development. If you’re more interested in the entertainment side of history, the Neon Museum is one of Las Vegas’ most exciting and nostalgic tours. Featuring the city’s old neon displays and famous pieces of signage, this 6-acre walkthrough is one of the city’s most unique destinations. For those interested in the arts, your Las Vegas tour guide would recommend the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum and Las Vegas Art Museum as two must visit contemporary and classic art galleries.

 And then there are the Shows…

Las Vegas is also famous for its opulent resorts, over the top nightclubs, pampering spas and, of course, its world-class entertainment shows. From magic, musicals and theatre performances to Cirque du Soleil productions, adult entertainment and comedy routines- Vegas’ show scene has something to amaze and impress everyone. So for visitors who are looking to stay entertained outside the Vegas Casino scene, you won’t have to look far!


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