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The Mystery of Holy Mountain

One of the most interesting legends about Macedonia is the Legend of Holy Mountain and the beautiful girl. Couple of years after the girl’s death, a woman silhouette appears on the fortress’s wall in the Holy land. Local people believe that it’s the restless spirit of the girl with the unfortunate destiny. Skeptics will say it’s the sunset playing games with the branches and rays shading through them, projecting this woman silhouette on this aging wall as many people recognized it. But the mystery continues to exist as a myth that many people are afraid of. The wall of cry, as it was called; with decades was the most mysterious place on the Holy Mountain. As the time was passing by the people were spreading various stories and legends even scary testimonies of people who helped frame up the myth. The local people didn’t want this legend to be the obstacle on their way to the Holy church so they decided to violently destroy the wall against all the inconvenience of the other group of peasantries. The ruins of the wall can be seen today on the Holy Mountain.

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