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A Guide at Work

The Humane Value in Business

Anthony Abraham

Tour Guide, Arusha, Tanzania

| 3 mins read

Humans or workforce are the lifeline for any company. Some companies treat the employees with high value and respectand otherstreat the employees as waste. A highly motivated employee will always perform an extra mile. Humans work for motivation, rewards and recognition. These are the pillars for success and growth in the corporate level.

Many would question why I have focused in these elements. Being a part andan ambassador of tourism,I have seen the need to share my personal experience and what I see as bottleneck in our tourism field. We need to give good attention toward the development and upgrading of the team players in the field to be in a position to serve our clients with utmost care and professionalism. As educationis the main pillar that will improve our services and in the end, enable as to serve our clients with the best of service.

Training or education is an essential component, as education is a great tool for personal development and a great tool for change. Education can change a peasant to a pilot, it can change a villager to a doctor, it can enable one to master any skill or knowledge. Education has managed to change the livelihood and lifestyle of many people in the globe.

Human resource is the lifeline to any company. Today we have many challenges in science and technology. There are many changes which need improvement in the skills of our workforce. Today one can Google any information regarding, wildlife, plants, birds, locations and many more. We need to constantly train or workforce, to be compatible with the global changes. One can outsource any data, withsmart phones, computers and even books. We can even get the world population, regional population and even census information online. We should give near proximities to the real figures and not guesses.

Regular in-house training will help to improve the quality of the workforce, this can be from basic training in various related fields of tourism. Basic bird training, basic animal training, basic plants training. There is many basic information that could help. Basically, knowing which is the biggest mammal, the biggest tree plant, the biggest birdspecies and many more basic information. Knowledge begins with the basic understanding, knowing the biggest cat will add knowledge in the wildlife. Also knowing the highest mountain in various location, knowing the largest lakes and the longest rivers and many more.

Evaluation is important, services should be evaluated regularly with questioners and all other way of evaluating the services provided. Customers needthe best of service, with high and utmost integrity. Good services lead to more customers and more business. Rewardsshould beoffered for goodworkand punishmentfor wrong doings.

It is important to make sure the one pays his or her employees well, as it motivates one when the pay suffice the needs of a person. Underpayment lead to a lot of proliferate. As one works with no morale and it becomes worse when the client ends up not tipping a low payed service provider. One should pay good hisemployees as this will reduce the stress and make the employee not rely on tips, good companies are the one with a rewarding package. Giving an employee an allowance of below 20$ will make the employee a beggar.

The quality of logistics is important and adds value to the service, good cars, good tents, good equipment add high customer service value.

I would suggest to most companies to take good care of their workforce, and where possible to develop their skills and knowledge. We need a highly motivated team player.