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The Cardo -Jerusalem shopping old and new


Tour Guide, Jerusalem, Israel

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Let's go shopping in Jerusalem's market area in the Old City as I share with you one of my favorite places in Jerusalem when we walk through the market or Shuk as it's also called near the Cardo in Jerusalem's Old City and visit the same places where the best of Roman and then Byzantine society shopped going back two thousand years. So how did it all start and who made it happen? How did the archeologists know exactly where to look for the 1500 year old Byzantine era Cardo and what is the connection to an ancient city in Jordan?

As we stand in the same place as shoppers did 1500 years ago, well find out, mixing with people from all over the world as we find some great bargains. Don't worry if don't know how to bargain, you'll pick it up quickly. In fact shop owners will be disappointed if you don't try to strike a price with them and once you have, you'll feel great at the deal you just made!

Jewelry, Armenian Ceramics, shoes or spices or just something to eat? Never mind, the Shuk, has it all and if all you want to do is stroll around taking it all in then you've come to the right place as Middle Eastern music competes with traders inviting you to enter their stores. You'll be able to run your fingers through beautiful embroidered fabrics and see ancient objects in the antique stores as amazing scents tease you - from ones you recognize to the more exotic and I suggest that you take time to visit the coffee grinder selling fantastic blends of freshly ground coffee mixed with herbs. Finally, before we leave after a good morning out, we can sample and eat some traditional foods like Baclava or Knaffe before we leave to carry on our tour.