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Real Adventures In Tanzania

Real Adventures In Tanzania

Real Adventures by definition is about getting the Real touch of Nature and exploring in an Area.The main tool is getting across these areas with the people who really know the Area or site in question to Visit. Adventures can be done both in low budget packages as well as in High end Costing, Meaning VIP or Executive Packages. Normally all operators have packages to suit all categories, Though the less one pays the less of extras in service should one expect. Travelling entails a lot of costs so when one makes a package choice one should not bargain for cheaper or fewer cost options.Travelling in a Package price a difference of as low as 50$ can drastically affect the whole Trip. The Main reason being that operational cost is in most cases very high and costly. 

For a road traveller, having a Good and new vehicle is costly in terms of purchase and operation, even insurance cover for comprehensive packages are expensive. This forces the operator to be obliged to charge as per overheads incurred. Though travelling in a properly covered asset brings more assurance of safety and risk cover, most inland roads bring high maintenance costs and having qualified personal entail cost. This profession will enable you to be in the right places at the right time with an intensive understanding. Knowledge and experience are a vital tool for a Real Adventure Package.

Tanzania Wildlife

By having the right personnel, a traveller will have high chances to sight the extra ordinary in any location, and get the proper information regarding Wildlife and any site of a visit. Also with the right people and firm, will put one in proper and well planned Travel Packages. Normally seasons vary according to many factors, currently in question is the problem of Global Warming. There has been a drastic effect on many things including the climatic condition of many areas, affecting wildlife movement patterns and many other things including the Bird's Migratory patterns and Deforestation in certain Area, it also includes Rain and other climatic challenges.

Flamingoes in Tanzania

Rainy seasons in the most area are affected by climatic changes, as well as many other things that are inter-related. 

Making a search in Game drive needs special skills and training, for tracking the Big Five in most areas needs high skill and knowledge.Tracking Rhinos has given many a challenge. But with the right team and expertise, one can easily track this specie. In the Globe, we have Five Types of Rhinos. But Commonly found in Africa are two species the White Rhino and the Black Rhino. The other types  Sumatran, Javan and Single horned Rhino are found in other Continents. I joined The Save the Rhino team recently and I am an active member currently.I share my Rhino Photos and currently have many different Rhino pics.

Lions in Tanzania

For the Beach holiday option, there are many and fascinating beaches in the different part of the Indian Ocean, the popular site being Zanzibar, Tanga, Dar es Salam, and other towns in the Indian Ocean, not forgetting the Town Bagamoyo. rich for its Historical and Slave Trading History.

Zanzibar Beach

Mountain Kilimanjaro is another a never miss adventure site, for both climbers and viewer world wide. It takes six to eight days to climb depending on clients request, with six climbing routes, all with fascinating differences in Landscape and experience. There are many travel options when it comes to travel in Tanzania. One can either use Air travel, Road Travel, Boae or Ship Travel in our great lakes and the Indian Ocean, Railway travel especially in the Central route towards Mwanza or Kigoma, Also railway travel using the Tazara Railway line heading to Zambia.

Mount Kilimanjaro

All travel mode has a different experience and timeline, others are faster and others are snail pacing, but give one the real travel and exploring experience. Comming across fascinating Landscapes and Traditional and cultural values.

A road trip from Dar es Salaam via Bagamoyo heading towards either Tanga or Lushoto highlands, visiting Saadani or Mkomazi national park heading North towards Moshi or Arusha in three to four days will add the real African experience.

Dar es Salaam

Going across the Eastern Arch Ranges is fascinating. Most parks have distinctive and fascinating features. Mkomazi with its Rhino and wild dogs population and a lot of wildlife to see moving between the Mkomazi and Tsavo ecosystem.

Wilddogs in Tanzania

There are more than 120 different tribes in Tanzania, divided in three ethnic grouping the Bantu, Niliotes and Cushites. all with different Culture and traditions. To mention but a few as the Masai a Nilotic group famous for its cultural values and lifestyle.

Tanzania Culture

Normally Seasons vary but all year round one can visit Tanzania. Roads are passable throughout the year, and there are many exciting things one can see all year round.The Great Migration, Birds Migration, fascinating landscapes like the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro standing at approximately 5895mt above sea level, the highest peak being Kibo peak. This mountain has three peaks Shira peak the lowest and Mawenzi peak the second highest peak.

Also, Mount Meru another high mountain in Tanzania, adjacent to Arusha National Park the home of the Black and white Colobus monkeys, with its rich wildlife and birdlife ecosphere. Flamingos best sighting sight, especially in the dry season, hereon can get a very near sighting of these water birds.

Mount Meru

Boat trips can be done in Most lakes in Tanzania, be it Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and all other lakes. Duluti and Momella lakes are famous for Canoeing. Experiencing the real nature Touch.

Momella Lake

Hiking can be done in most areas, even Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, Oldonyo Lengai, Usambara trekking and many other sites and park have walking packages. Arrangements can be made to visit Coffee Plantations and Farms on request. Also, visits to Orphanages can be arranged on request.

Hiking and Camping Mount Kilimanjaro

We welcome you all Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

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Contributed By Anthony Abraham


Contributed By Anthony Abraham