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Paraglading in Nepal


Tour Guide, Everest Base Camp-South, Nepal

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Paragliding in Nepal is the best sport because it brings us closer to the amazing views including white mountain, lakes, cityscape, and forest etc. Nepal has many places for paragliding, but Pokhara (Sarongkot Hill) is the best place because here we can see indescribably beautiful views of the lofty mountains.

When edging for the thrust, the cold air hits the glasses, misting up and blocking the view for those few seconds before clearing up to reveal the land below. Once in the air, the magnificence of the beauty of the view is still not able to capture the attention of many immediately, however. The body does take those few seconds to find comfort in the reality that one is actually floating in and not falling from the sky. Thus, fear aside, and then the flight becomes one's time to be mesmerized. 

It is certainly a different experience to fly like a bird in the Himalayan Skies.