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A Quality Guided Tour for the Tourist of 21st Century


Tour Guide, Ica, Peru

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The tendency of the world´s economy is the reduction of the economic activities of production of high rotation consumer goods by the development of services activities as it is happening in the cases of the health sector, development of personalized software, education and of course tourist services in general. This requirement is given as our economic model of consumerism is unsustainable in the mid-term for humanity and, no matter how much we like it or how good we think it is, world leaders have already become aware of how harmful it would be to continue on this path consuming more than 2/3 of our natural resources in a few decades. Today, the turn of economic activities is a global must for the permanence of humanity on our planet.

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This is where a brilliant opportunity appears for all the professionals of the tourism sector, undoubtedly being an activity that is more and more frequently practiced by inhabitants of the world. However, we must be aware that the form of tourism has varied in the last decades, becoming increasingly specialized and entertaining. That is why today, it is important to adjust to these variations to meet the needs of our customers, to impact and offer a competitive quality service in the international market.

Tourism is a very old activity in men, who is born naturally with a curiosity to know and discover the different life forms, their culture and folklore; the end is to enrich, challenge and overcome oneself. During the last years, the way of performing guided tours has changed. Before, when hiring a tourist service, one expected the guide to fulfill the function of a professor offering a master class during the route. However, with today’s busy lifestyle and being trips regularly vacation trips, the traveler’s soul and spirit look for relaxation and growth, which is why offering them a lecture is not the most convenient.

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In the last two decades, easy access to information through globalization and technological development allow the tourists to deepen with just one click on the various cultural themes related to heritage and tourist attractions of each city. Therefore, the figure of the professor tour guide is almost irrelevant, except for tours which need expertise in specific topics that require real deepening.

Therefore, to achieve tourist satisfaction, it is necessary to stop filling the hours of the tour with a lot of not relevant information, but, on the contrary, to point out the data that are worth remembering in each destination. A magical experience of interpretation must be created where all our senses can participate, from the smell, the taste, the touch, the sight and the hearing, giving the excursion a joyful and dynamic climate. The correct figure of your official tour guide is no longer that of a university professor but a cultural partner who will facilitate learning, giving you the exact and precise information worth remembering, which has been previously selected by him or her after a thorough investigation.

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A guide that knows how to point out really important cultural information is the one that is required to make a quality guided tour of the XXI century.