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Flying Underwater Experience in Cancun

The Best New Activity in Cancún

Located on the peninsula in the country of Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo, the city of Cancún has long been one of the top tourist destinations for beach enthusiasts and spring breakers. However, there’s much more to Cancún than meets the eye! Enjoy Subwing in Cancun to the max without breaking the bank, or falling into one of the numerous tourist traps.

Perhaps you’ve just booked your flight to Cancún

Now it is time to figure out what activities are really worth spending your time and money on. Lists of the “Top 10 Best Cancun Activities” will no doubt include favourites such as “lounging on the beach” and swimming in cenotes.

But what if you’re looking for something outside of the box—or should I say, beach? What if you’re up for something more exciting than the typical 30-minute boat ride or snorkelling excursion?

You’re in luck— there’s a new underwater sport gaining popularity in Cancún that will actually allow you to fly underwater! It’s called “subwinging,” and if you’re game to try it, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a fish gliding through the ocean. It’s a completely unique way to experience the underwater world— it will blow your average snorkelling tour “right out of the water”!

What is subwing?

The subwing is a device for underwater consisting of a board composed of two carbon hydrodynamic wings that can move independently of each other. This board is connected to a long rope fastened to a motorized sea vessel. The device can also float, due to its hollow design and use of foam filling.

Subwings can also be constructed from fibreglass, and come with a wide variety of lacquers and finishes, both glossy and matte. They can be used with accessories such as a GoPro camera mount, which allows you to fasten a water-proof camera in front of the subwing to capture your entire adventure on film.

This camera is usually attached to the ropes that fasten the device to the speedboat. Underwater light systems can be added to allow a rider to see the ocean floor and marine life at night. Alternatively, subwing enthusiasts can wear flashlight headsets when flying nocturnally. A rubber swivel ball in the center of the two wings allows each to turn in different directions.

How does the subwing work?

The subwing is attached to the back of a boat using long, sturdy ropes, and pulled along behind it. The user simply grabs hold of the subwing and is towed behind the boat, both over and underneath the ocean’s surface. Some boards include handles, indentations, or gripping pads for the swimmer to hold on to. To turn, dive, and make other manoeuvres, a rider manipulates the hydrodynamic wings with his hands. It’s that simple— and it’s incredibly delightful!

As you are pulled behind the boat, you can relax on the surface and float slowly along, or dive underwater with a simple downward swivel of the wings. You can reach speeds of up to 5mph, once you get the hang of it. 5mph may sound a bit slow, but since water is 800 times denser than air, it is actually an incredibly thrilling velocity underwater. Most swimmers can dip to a depth of about three meters under. However, after practice and training, many subwing enthusiasts have accomplished even deeper diving. Using long, sturdy ropes, and pulled along behind it.

What makes the subwing so special?

Complete control over your diving experience. You choose when to plunge into the ocean’s depths, and when to rise to the surface. Goggles and scuba diving gear can greatly enhance your ride, since holding your breath is necessary when flying underwater. Since the activity requires little energy (users don’t have to kick their legs and swim), most users can stay under the surface for about 15 seconds before rising for air. However, even those who can only hold their breath for a few seconds can still enjoy the underwater views.

Depending on the size of the boat, you may even be able to subwing alongside your friend or family member! Experienced riders can even fly side by side on a single subwing. You’ll be able to gaze at colourful fish while you glide along effortlessly as if you were one of them. After a few minutes of mastering the technique, you can perform twists, turns, dives, and rolls.

One of the greatest advantages of using a subwing is its propensity for excellent photo-ops. Of course, to get amazing photos, you’ll need to either purchase a great underwater camera yourself or have your photos taken by a professional! Some tours include photos with their subwing tours, but you should be aware that not all pictures may turn out to be top quality. In fact, the majority of underwater sports tour companies offer photos taken by guides with little photography experience, and most do not offer this service at all. However, this company BE FUN CANCUN offers professional photography services with editing as part of their subwing tour package deal.

Can anyone use a subwing?

Flying underwater is not physically demanding and requires no swimming or diving experience to get started. In fact, it is suitable for families, and even children find it manageable and fun! You will need to hold your breath for a few seconds if you wish to view the fantastic underwater world.

A rider is in complete control the entire time— he can easily tilt the device’s wings when he is ready to go underwater and tilt them again when he is ready to resurface for air. Tricks and manoeuvres are easy to learn, and most users catch on quickly. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be dying to go back for a second turn!

Subwing Tricks and Tips

Is subwinging for adrenaline junkies, too? Of course! Once you’ve gained a bit of experience, you can learn to do twists, flips, turns, and many other exciting manoeuvres. You can try walking or leaping on the ocean floor while being pulled along, and you can learn to “fly” in groups. Grab the board with your feet, or place your feet on top of it to ride surf-board style. Riders can even share one board, or subwing in a line, holding on to each other’s feet. Your imagination is the only limit to what the subwing can do! Wondering what subwinging looks like? Check out these awesome pictures of people just like you taking the ride of their lives on the subwing. The best way for a first-timer to learn is to sign up for a tour that includes the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor. An instructor will help you gain the confidence you need to have the best experience possible, and he will ensure your safety during the duration of the trip.

Can I buy a subwing?

Purchase your own subwing. You will also need the proper ropes, equipment, and some type of speed boat to put it to use. Booking a subwing tour is much less expensive than buying your own subwing, and you’ll have the chance to test out the sport and find out if it’s for you before making any purchases.

The Subwing’s Amazing Story

How and when was the subwing invented?

Oddly enough, the sport was created by a Norwegian teenager who became bored on a family vacation and was looking for something different and exciting to do. Simon Sivertsen was 18 back in 2010 when the idea for the subwing occurred to him. He was sailing in the Mediterranean Sea with his father and brothers, hoping to circumnavigate the globe. The crystal clear waters surrounding the Greek Islands inspired him to come up with a way to see the ocean floor in a more thrilling manner. He wanted to know what it might be like to “fly” through the water just as dolphins and other marine animals do. So, Sivertsen grabbed a piece of driftwood, attached a waterski rope to it, and tied the other end to his small boat.

Weeks later, Sivertsen toyed with ways to improve his invention, eventually settling on a two-winged prototype with a rotating center joint. His original design was made out of boards, gardening hose connector links, and fibreglass.

Nowadays (and years of testing and new prototypes later), the subwing is sold online and in sports stores, and Sivertsen has won extensive awards for his invention. Subwinging caught on first on the European continent and now has expanded to the Americas. Some vacation tour packages in various Mediterranean and Caribbean islands include this activity, although it is certainly not as well-known as snorkelling and other traditional underwater pastimes.

Where can I use a subwing?

Companies offer subwing excursions. A search will turn up just under 50 results on Trip Advisor, while a search for “snorkelling” turns up nearly 40,000 options! Hence, flying underwater truly is a unique and exclusive experience. If you give it a try now, you just might be one of the first people in your city to experience it.

Will you be able to find a tour near you? It depends upon where you live. Tours are mainly available in areas with warm climates and easy access to ocean waters. Subwinging is best experienced in calm, tepid waters. The pastime is further enhanced when both the sea and the skies are clear, as inclement weather can cause unwanted challenges.

The very best place to soar with a subwing is in crystal clear waters, where fish and other sea creatures are present. That’s why the Peligoni Club in Greece was established as “Subwing Headquarters”. However, you don’t have to travel to Greece to find the greatest subwing excursions— subwinging has begun to pop up in the hottest tourist destinations in the Caribbean! And If you’re planning a vacation to Cancún, you’re in luck!

Using the Subwing in Cancún

Cancún is the optimal place. Imagine the shimmering white sand of a secluded beach, bordering a transparent, luminous ocean teeming with vibrant marine life. Yes, Cancún is just as beautiful as the photos you’ve seen—but it’s even more spectacular in person. You’ll have to come to see for yourself.

Once you’re below the sparkling surface, gliding easily like a penguin through the ocean’s depths holding on to a subwing, you’ll get a taste of the real Cancún, beyond the dimly lit shopfronts haggling cheap souvenirs, and the crowded resorts with their murky swimming pools and over-priced outings.

There is a better way to experience Cancún. Team up with locals who offer subwing tours to areas nearly untouched by tourists. A wonderful, budget-friendly option is available here that includes a training course before using the subwing, two 20-minute runs, and refreshments. High quality, professional, edited photos are offered in order to allow guests to capture their excursion in a tangible and meaningful way. That’s something the average tour just can’t offer. It’s fun for the whole family— kids can subwing too! Best of all, this enthusiastic tour company is one of the only excursion providers to offer subwing tours at night!

So what are you waiting for? Hook yourself up with the best of Cancún— grab hold of a subwing and experience underwater flight! It’s guaranteed to exceed your expectations and satiate your appetite for adventure.


Contributed By Be Fun


Contributed By Be Fun