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Curious About Your Next Saudi Vacation? Here's What Awaits!

Mecca-Saudi Arabia

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When one thinks of a holiday in the Middle East, perhaps the opulence of Dubai or the history of Egypt comes to mind. But Saudi Arabia? A nation that recently opened its doors to international tourists, Saudi Arabia is an uncharted oasis for travellers. The vast deserts of Saudi Arabia are filled with more than just sand; they are dotted with historical landmarks, modern marvels, and vibrant culture. From architectural wonders to delectable cuisine, Saudi offers experiences that are second to none. Here's a deep dive into what you can expect on a Saudi holiday.

"In the heart of the desert, beneath the Arabian skies, Saudi's beauty isn't just seen, it's felt."

Religious Experience

As the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia holds profound religious significance. At its heart is Mecca, home to Masjid al-Haram and the iconic Kaaba. Every year, millions of devout Muslims from around the world converge here with their hearts filled with devotion to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. This act, one of the Five Pillars of Islam, represents a spiritual journey culminating in a sea of believers circling the Kaaba in unison. The other two major holy sites are the Medina, the final resting place of Prophet Muhammad, and the Hira Cave, where Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation from the Divine. 

Al Rahmah Mosque

Beyond the primary religious hubs of Mecca and Medina, visit the Al-Taqwa Mosque and the Floating Mosque in Jeddah, a testament to the harmonious blend of modernity and faith. Legends whisper of a renowned architect who envisioned a mosque that would encapsulate upon hearing the melodic call to prayer alongside the gentle lapping of Red Sea waves. Today, with its avant-garde design, the mosque seems to rise like a mirage from the azure waters!

Pro-tip: While Mecca is not accessible to non-Muslims, both Medina and Jeddah welcome visitors of all backgrounds. To make the most of your visit and ensure you can explore non-religious areas, consider hiring a local guide who can provide insights and guidance while respecting the sanctity of religious sites. Also, be mindful of prayer times to plan your visits around these moments of devotion.

Historial Sites & Architectural Marvels

Often perceived as a vast expanse of desert, Saudi Arabia hides within its sands tales of civilisations, kings, and thriving trade routes. Dominating the landscape of Al Ula are the ruins of Mada'in Salih (Al-Hijr), the Nabatean Kingdom's southern jewel. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Jordan's famed Petra, it's a UNESCO site that retains an aura of ancient mystique, largely untouched by the modern tourist. Other historical sites are the formidable city of Diriyah (adorned with mud-brick structures echoing the traditional Najdi architectural prowess), a UNESCO-recognized marvel that is a bridge between the past and the present) and Nassif House (a perfect specimen of Hejazi architectural brilliance that narrates tales of a pre-oil era). 

Mada'in Saleh (Hegra)

However, the charm of Saudi's historical panorama would be incomplete without a stroll through Al Balad. A district in Jeddah, Al Balad is like a silent storyteller. Its coral houses and intricate latticework seem to whisper tales of times gone by, casting a spell of nostalgia. Adding to this ensemble is the Qishla of Mecca, an Ottoman-era fortress with imposing walls and watchtowers, serving as a reminder of the city's strategic significance.

Culinary Delights

Saudi Arabia's gastronomy vividly depicts its rich history, with every dish echoing tales of desert caravans and Bedouin campfires. Take, for instance, Kabsa, the nation's beloved rice concoction. Marinated with a melange of spices and paired with succulent lamb or chicken, its origins can be traced back to the nomadic tribes, who sought hearty meals after long desert treks. During the holy month of Ramadan, the cool Saudi nights are perfumed with the aroma of Samboosa and crispy pastries brimming with savoury delights. Jareesh, combining crushed wheat with tender meat, stands as an ode to traditional Bedouin culinary genius.


But for those truly wanting to dive deep into Saudi's culinary heart, the city of Najran offers a treasure: the Mutabbaq. This stuffed pastry, with its myriad fillings and spices, is no stranger to the Saudi table. Yet, with a local friend by your side, do not miss tasting the Mutabbaq of Najran, which is a distinct blend of spices and a preparation technique handed down through generations, making it an irresistible draw. Do not miss tasting dates and the Saudi Arabian coffee, known as "Gahwa," world-famous because of its unique cardamom-infused flavour and cultural significance as a symbol of hospitality. 

Diverse Landscapes

Saudi Arabia's terrain is a mesmerising mosaic of varying landscapes. The Rub' al Khali, commonly known as the Empty Quarter, stretches out as the globe's most expansive continuous sand desert. Its majestic dunes dance in an eternal waltz, reshaping the horizons with every gust. On the other hand, the soaring cliffs of Jebel Fihrayn, dubbed the "Edge of the World," stand tall, offering travellers breathtaking panoramas of the sprawling lands below. A step further reveals the Al Wahbah Crater, a testament to nature's fiery temperament, its base glistening with white sodium phosphate crystals. Divers and marine enthusiasts will find solace along the Red Sea's azure shores, where vibrant coral gardens await exploration. As a stark contrast to the common perception of Saudi Arabia as a desert-dominated land, do not miss out on the enchanting rose farms in Taif, especially during the annual Taif Rose Festival, when the nation showcases its vibrant floral diversity. 

Jebel Fihrayn or the Edge of the World

A hidden gem in Saudi is the Faifa Mountains in the Jizan Province, a verdant spectacle. These terraced highlands, layered like nature's own amphitheatre, have a rich history. Legend whispers of ancient tribes that once tread these heights, carving terraces to harness every rain droplet, transforming rocky slopes into fertile farmlands. Today, the region's unique aromatic green qat plant cultivation is an integral part of local culture and gatherings. Visiting Faifa isn't just a visual treat; it's an immersion into tales of ingenuity, tradition, and the enduring spirit of communities that made mountains their home.

Festival Culture
Apart from its historical and architectural marvels, Saudi Arabia is a melting pot of cultural marvels, too! Every winter, Al Ula comes alive with the "Winter at Tantora Festival," an amalgamation of music, culture, and history set against the backdrop of enigmatic Nabatean ruins. Meanwhile, the seaside city of Jeddah pulsates with the "Jeddah Season," which seamlessly fuses the city's rich past with international concerts and performances. For those with a penchant for films, the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah's charming historic district offers an exquisite palate of global cinema. But if one seeks to touch the heart of ancient Bedouin traditions, the Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition is a must. This gathering is a magnificent ode to the revered art of falconry, captivating enthusiasts from every corner of the globe.

Hot Air Balloon Festival over Mada'in Saleh (Hegra)

Yet, beyond these, the Asir Province cradles a hidden gem: the "Al Soudah Season" in the picturesque Abha. Enveloped in the cool embrace of the mountains, this festival offers more than just entertainment. It invites visitors to learn the traditional art of Al Qatt Al Asiri, a female-centric art form native to the region, and to engage in traditional dance workshops. Alongside music and adventure sports, it promises not just memories but also a piece of Saudi's artistic soul to cherish forever.

Saudi Arabia is not just a land of deserts and oil; it's a country rich in history, spirituality, natural wonders, and modern entertainment. Whether you're a history buff, a culinary explorer, or someone looking for unique experiences, Saudi promises a journey you won't forget. So, when are you answering the call of the Arabian sands?