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Crafting Exotic Tours to West Africa

Crafting Exotic Tours to West Africa

West Africa Fives: Africa is a magical place rich in culture, tradition, history, scenery, wildlife and home to some of the most friendly people on earth. When planning a tour in West Africa and hoping to get the best out of your budget, I have managed to put together a list of top location you might want to visit when in West Africa.

Accra, Ghana

Accra is Ghana’s capital city; it stretches along the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa. Accra is the business center and tourist haven of Ghana.

Accra boasts of some of the finest beaches, galleries, markets, museums and a buzzing nightlife.

Labadi beach (La pleasure beach) is top tourist destination in Accra. You can locate the beach by simply entering a tro tro in Accra and ask to be taken there. Check into one of the resorts in Labadi to enjoy private beaches, first class service and luxury.

Must see and do in Accra

- Horse riding on the beach

- Shopping at the popular Makola market

- Tour castles and fortes

- Visit the National museum in Accra

Volta Region, Ghana

The Volta Region is one the biggest tourism destinations in West Africa. Located about 150 km from Accra, what easily catches the eye is the great Volta Lake. This man-made lake is the biggest in Africa, its functions include electricity, irrigation and tourism. The Volta region features lakes, lagoon and beautiful waterfalls and hosts luxury, 4 star hotels such as the Lorneh Lodge & Beach Resort located in Keta.

Top Tourist picks in the Volta Region:

- Amedzofe Falls

- Wli Waterfalls

- Tagbo Falls

- Mount Afajato

- Mount Gemi

- Kpoeta waterfalls

- Tafi Monkey Village

Yankari, Bauchi

The Yankari Games Reserve is the epitome of hospitality in Yankari, Bauchi. The Yankari Games Reserve is located in the northern part of Nigeria. A top attraction in the reserve is the Wikki Warm Springs. This animal reserve is preferred by lovers of nature from all around the world. The reserve features baboons, elephants, hyenas and a variety of exotic birds.

What to do or see in Yankari:

- The Tunga Dutse writings.

- Kariyo Hill

- Go hitch hiking.

- Paliyaram Hilli.

- The Tonlong Gorge

- Dukkey Wells

Other places of interest:

Lome, Togo

Be at the centre of it all in Lomé the state capital of the republic of Togo. Togo's capital is a mixture of the traditional and the modern. Explore the country’s short coastline which is home to several small fishing villages, exotic beaches, Museums, Forts and Castles; many of which stand as an example of colonial architecture.

What to do in Lome

- Get wet and watch the whales

- Visit wildlife in the Fazao Mafakassa National Park 

- Take a walk on the Le Ramatou and Robinson Plage

- Stretch your legs hiking in Kapilmé

Obudu, Nigeria

The Obudu is located close to the Cameroon border in the eastern part of Nigeria. It features the popular Obudu Cattle Ranch. The resort has the most beautiful scenic view of mountains and green vegetation. Tourists take rides on the suspended cable cars to get a perfect view of the surrounding the town of Obudu is downstream from the Obudu Dam, which also provides recreational facilities.

Where to go what to do:

- The Obudu Ranch International Mountain race.

- The Obudu dam

- Fishing

- Hitch hiking

Let me plan your next tour to these wonderful destinations.


Contributed By Confidence Aguiyi


Contributed By Confidence Aguiyi