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Cartagena: The Upcoming Destination for North American Travellers

Cartagena: The Upcoming Destination for North American Travellers

Plaza de Santa Teresa, old city.


Cartagena de Indias in Colombia is the new hottest touristic destination in the Caribbean.

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Hey, if you are one of the kinds of people that always want to go on vacation to exotic and splendid destinations all around the world, but still worry about the price, and the very long flights, you should now look then going to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia.

Let´s start with the flight options from North America:

It´s just a 2 and half hours flight from Miami, Florida, and it has daily direct flights from MIA served by American Airlines and Avianca.

Spirit Airlines has a daily operation from Fort Lauderdale.

In additions, there are direct flights from Atlanta with Delta, from New York with Jet Blue and with Spirit from Orlando.

From Toronto and Montreal, there are also direct flights operated by Air Canada as well as a new route from Mexico DF carried by InterJet.

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So, as you see, there are no connection problems with any airport in North America and, have it for sure, you are not going to be travelling for 24 hours to reach there, that in this specific case is the wonderful and upcoming hot destination in the Caribbean, the legendary Cartagena de Indias in beautiful and paradisiac Colombia.

Europe is also served daily to #CTG but we will talk about that in another blog.

And now let’s see the most important aspect, or at least a very important aspect of anyone vacation, the price.

Right now is a very good moment to go to Colombia because of the conversion rate, Pesos versus Dollars, the winner is a clear one, the Dollar. You are going to be able to go to prime hotels, restaurants, venues, stores, and places and have the trip of your dreams.

A full course meal, with wine, at a really good fancy restaurant should cost you no more than 60 bucks per person, compared to Miami, Orlando, or Las Vegas, where that same ticket should go way over the $100 and up, not to mention New York.

Colombian handcrafts are astonishing and should be a good buy.

And the most famous touristic buy, and at the same time investment of all of them while at Colombia, are the world-renowned emeralds set in gold and silver jewellery by master stone cutters and jewellers. The legendary mines of these precious stones are located in the Andean region of Colombia where they have been extracted from deep within the mountains for since a long time ago. These emerald are considered to be the finest emeralds of the whole world, because of its deep, profound and intense greenish range of colours.

These stones are the top quality of the planet; in no other emerald mines, there could find such these beautiful green stones as they do in Colombia.

As a tip, Colombian jewellers only work precious metals with 18 karat gold or superior. Not as in the US that is mainly 14 karat. So that is another advantage to buy jewels here. You will pay less for the jewels with mounted Colombian emeralds here than anywhere else.

To get to know well Cartagena de Indias, tourists should take an introductory tour to the city, to understand the historic value and watch the attractions and cultural beat of this port city.

As a professional tour guide, I have designed a private tour only for your family, friends and close ones, come with me and step into the walls of Cartagena de Indias.

For your comprehension of history in an easy and relaxed walk by the small streets of this beautiful port city founded by Spanish conquistador, Pedro de Heredia back in 1533. It is important to know why did the Spanish kingdom defend so well Cartagena from pirates and other empires that wanted to take possession of South America and the whole Caribbean. Did you know that because of a battle of Cartagena (1741) we Latinos speak Spanish? That you will get to know and also to feel the rhythm of the local Cartageneros that makes them so special.

Getsemaní, the coolest neighbourhood in town, is a sensation you have to feel: the street art, the restaurants, the mood, the timeless universality of the place has to be perceived.

Come to Cartagena before everybody does, set the trend in your social media, to this splendid and “ultrainstagramic” Colombian city port over the Caribbean that is becoming the new hot ticket for tourists from all over the world, many from the United States and Canada.

It’s good to tell and remember everybody, that when is winter up there in the northern hemisphere, the temperature in Cartagena is in the 90° Farenheight, and a plus, the seawater temperature is just perfect to stay in there for a long while. The beaches are wonderful and nearby are islands and tropical natural reservations to be admired.

So get out of the cold, make your luggage and come to Cartagena de Indias.

Hey, by the way, don’t be worried about security issues, the touristic areas of the city are totally safe for tourists. Sometimes things happen to some travellers that lose common sense. Just don’t give the opportunities. In touristic areas you can go out with mobiles, cameras and expensive equipment and nothing will happen, it is a tight security area.

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You can also book a perfect shore excursion or a totally customizable private tour with my TourHQ customized experiences, available if you look for upscale and luxury experiences.

So, what are you waiting for, book your flight. I am Néstor Meléndez, please let me have the pleasure to be your Tour Guide.


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