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The best adrenaline highs in South Africa

The best adrenaline highs in South Africa

If your definition of travel is adventure, challenge, excitement and adrenalin, South Africa is the destination for you! Home to an absurdly high concentration of adventure sports, activities, destinations and excursions, South Africa is quite possibly the adrenaline capital of the world.

What are the best adrenaline highs in South Africa? The list literally goes on and on. Here are our favourites: 

Bungee Jumping

216 meters above the Bloukrans River runs the Bloukrans Bridge. Sticking with the theme of superlatives, why not have a go at the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee? For an outrageous adrenaline high, visitors can step off the edge of this South African bridge and plummet 709 feet before ricocheting back up.

Best time to Bungee Jump off Bloukrans Bridge? The adrenaline rush is available all year long, weather permitting.

Bungee Jump

Cage Diving

If jumping off mountains and bridges is your idea of a good time, then perhaps you’ll love another one of South Africa and Cape Town’s biggest attractions: Cage Diving with Great White Sharks. Submerging yourself underwater with one of the world’s deadliest seacreatures  for some eye to eye action should definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

Best time to Cage Dive? May-August when the waters are clear and the sharks are a swimmin’.

Cage Diving


For the adventurers who need a bit more adrenaline with their hikes, canyoning or ‘kloofing’ is the answer. Quite simply hiking through and following the route of a canyon - more specifically a river - this activity is much more complex than it sounds. Usually entailing climbing, jumping, swimming, hiking and even abseiling to get to the next destination, this adventure sport is a combination of it all.

Where are the best spots in South Africa for canyoning? From the Western Cape’s Suicide Gorge to Cape Town’s Steenbras River- the country is filled with amazing canyoning destinations.

Image title


Kite Surfing: A Local Favorite.

Another ultra-adrenaline fueled activity, kite surfing demands great skill, strength and agility. With South Africa’s coast having perfect water and wind combinations for the sport, the country is one of the world’s top kite surfing destinations. Hire a South Africa Adventure Guide well versed in this field of adventure to show you the ultimate kite surfing spots. 

Best time to kite surf in South Africa? October until April.

Kite Surfing


One of the adrenaline fiend’s favorite pastimes, South Africa is home to a huge number of amazing whitewater rafting excursions. With all different classes of difficulty available, beginners and experts can find their perfect rides from the rapids of the Blyde River to the beautiful scenery of the Orange River.

Rafting in Blyde River

Canopy Tours

Looking to combine your adrenaline rush with some amazing views? Zip-lining tours allow you coast from platform to platform through undisturbed forest canopies while soaking in the wildlife, waterfalls and amazing South African environment surrounding you.

Where are the best zip-line destinations? Tsitsikamma, Karkloof & Drakensberg.

Forest Canopies

South Africa’s adrenaline-filled adventures don’t end with these seven activities. From horseback safaris and mountain biking trips to deep-sea scuba diving and hot air balloon rides, the country is overflowing with unique opportunities for adventure. Find the right South Africa Travel Guide to show you the best local sites, activities and excursions to make your trip unforgettable.

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