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The Dubai Miracle Garden is back with stunning attractions in 2019

The Dubai Miracle Garden is back with stunning attractions in 2019

Dubai Miracle Garden 2019-20

Dubai-United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a floral dreamland that features stunning flowers in full bloom. It is spread over 72,000 sqm and is the world's largest flower garden. The newest season features an amazing display of fifty million flowers of over 120 varieties. Well, you will definitely get amazing photos for the 'gram! We hope you can keep the camera down for some minutes!

New and Amazing Additions!

Many new attractions are launched at the Miracle Garden 2019. Among the new attractions launched, a major feature will be the ‘aerial floating lady’ who will be dressed up in exotic flowers.

At the entrance, some of the famous cartoon characters will welcome you. You will also witness the 3-D shapes of skillfully designed animals.


The renovated amphitheatre of the Miracle Garden will also include a spectacular palace that would serve as an observatory that will host an array of live entertainment and shows. From the top, you can click photographs of the incredible views of the whole garden and sculptures that have been covered with stunning bright light. This is a guaranteed treat for the eyes!

Walking Track

If you would like to take a walk amidst the floral wonderland, then you are in for a surprise at the Dubai Miracle Garden. You can enjoy a relaxing walk on the 400 m walking the track. Awesome! The walking track is utilized for some daily entertainment like Zumba sessions, floral and costume parades. Other recreational and physical activities also take place there.

Disney Avenue

One of the most noteworthy attractions at the Miracle Garden is Disney Avenue that brings some of the most loved characters from Disney World to the city of Dubai.

The most prominent among the characters is the 18-meter-high Mickey Mouse. 100000 flowers and plants are used for building it. It weighs over 35 tons. The structure was built as a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the studio. The structure also has a world record to its name as the ‘World’s Largest Topiary Structure’ in the 2018 Guinness World Records. Reminds us of all the days we spent watching Disney in our childhood..right?

Lost Paradise

The Lost Paradise is an underground area decorated by flowers at the Miracle Garden Dubai. It has a depth of 20 feet. It comprises of many flowers houses and bungalows that add to the overall amazing environment of the park. We can’t wait to get lost…can you?

Life-Sized Emirates A380

A flower plane? The recreation of the World's largest passenger plane at the Miracle Garden is WOW! 500000 flowers of seven different species form the plane. That's quite a large number! It weighs around 100 tons. Another record-breaking installation, this was named as the world’s largest flower installation in 2016 by the Guinness World Records. Typical Dubai style…is it?


Looking to take a break? Head to one of the gazebos that have been beautifully structured with flowers of pretty colours. The designing puts emphasis on the amount of thought involved in it. The relationship between gardens and gazebos dates back to the Victorian and Greek era. What a beautiful inspiration!

Floral Castle

Do you wish to feel like you are in the middle of a fairy-tale? Well, these floral castles make you feel just that in the middle of the Miracle Gardens Dubai. The floral castles are rest stops and these also have dining rooms where you can refuel and go again to enjoy the beautiful attractions of the Miracle Garden.

Hill Top

This beautiful valley like flower arrangement is an added attraction to soothe you and calm you from the inside. There are various flowers at every level of the hilltop. It is one of the favourite spots for photos for the 'gram! Let's get clicked..shall we?

Butterfly Passage

The Butterfly Passage is one of the most stunning attractions of the Miracle Garden. The shape of the passage is in the form of a butterfly. The wings look marvellous with layers of different kinds of flowers on them. We would like to walk this passage…would you?

Huge Tortoise

One of the major attractions of the Miracle Garden which welcomes the tourists at Gate 2 is the giant tortoise. The visitors make a queue inside this passage and get their tickets verified. While they are doing so, they can enjoy the flowers inside this passage. What a beautiful start to the journey.

3-D Floral Designs

A wide array of 3-D floral multiply the appeal and the look of the Dubai Miracle Garden. The colourful displays and the unique designs are a reflection of the level of skills that the makers have.

Umbrella Passage

Many umbrella passages are located inside the Miracle Garden. Umbrellas form the ceiling of the passage. The sides also have some umbrellas. While these look absolutely beautiful, they also provide shade to you if you ever feel hot or there is too much sunlight.

Giant Teddy Bear

The mammoth 12 m high teddy bear looks so cute. What a great use of fresh plants and flowers! The teddy bear also holds a heart spreading the message of harmony and love.

Floral Clock

Another famous attraction of the garden is the 15 m high Floral Clock. The clock changes every season of the Dubai Miracle Garden. The clock was designed by Miracle Garden Landscaping and the mechanical parts were imported specially from the US.

Hearts Passage

Love makes everything beautiful and love along with vibrant flowers makes it even more stunning! The Hearts Passage is one of the most alluring sights in the Miracle Garden. The hearts look absolutely spectacular and each of them is outlines with flowers of varied colours. You can smell amazing aromas in the passage. These definitely make our hearts happy!

Lake Park

The Lake Park is paradise on earth located within the Dubai Miracle Garden. You could have visited any lake in the world, but this lake is unique as it is surrounded by pretty flowers that add to the heavenly look of the park.


Tired after a long walk in the park? Rest up in one of the Hawaiian style cabanas with floor cushions and beautiful drapes. We all need to recharge ourselves for another long walk around the Miracle Garden...right?

Miracle Garden Timing

Weekdays: 9 am-9 pm

Weekends (Friday and Saturday): 9 am-11 pm

Ticket Prices: You can buy tickets for the Miracle Garden from Tripx Tours at the best price!


Contributed By Tripx Tours


Contributed By Tripx Tours