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A Love Letter to Mumbai: Unveiling Hidden Gems and Unmissable Experiences


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Dear Mumbai,

In a list of places around the world admired for being a “melting pot of culture”, you stand as a vibrant masterpiece, echoing the heartbeats of millions. From the majestic Gateway of India to the chaotic yet captivating local trains, from the royalty of world-famous celebrities to the humility of Dabbawalas, you are a city that encompasses every aspect of life and elevates them to dreams. This is a love letter to you, Mumbai – a celebration of your hidden gems and unmissable experiences that make you an eternal muse.

The Dawn of a Dream at Marine Drive

As the first light of dawn caresses your skyline, Marine Drive comes alive with the sounds that make up your heartbeat - the rhythmic lapping of waves against the shore, the laughter of morning joggers, and the call of street vendors setting up their stalls compose a melody unique just to you. When we walk along the Queen's Necklace, feeling the sea breeze, and witness the city waking up to a new day, we think of you with gratitude and love because this stretch is not just a road; it's an ode to your beauty and resilience.

Searching for Stories in Chor Bazar

At your heart, dear Mumbai, you can never let go of things of beauty, nostalgia, and a story. That is why, tucked away in the heart of the city, is Chor Bazaar, a bustling market that translates to "Thieves' Market." Contrary to its name, this labyrinth of shops is not a place of stolen goods but rather a treasure trove of antiques, vintage items, and unique origin stories because you are forever searching for people who would gather these items with their buried histories and unique charm, and give them a safe home. You make us lose ourselves in the narrow lanes where history whispers through old books, gramophones, and artifacts. Each item has a story, and Chor Bazaar is where Mumbai's tales of yesteryears come alive.

The Way to a Person’s Heart - Food!

You show your love and care for your humans, dear Mumbai, the way every Indian mother shows their care for their children - by serving up a repertoire of delicious food! With a wide variety of kebabs, biryanis, and sweets on Mohammad Ali Road, your iconic Vada Pavs with Cutting Chai, Misal Pavs, pohas, and bondas on every corner of every street, and street food paradises like Khau Gali and Charni road, you dish out choices upon choices- every dish tells a tale of culinary expertise passed down through generations. These are not just culinary destinations but a feast for the senses and a celebration of your diverse flavours.

Escape into the Heart and Soul of Bollywood

With over 2000 movies produced in Hindi alone, the Indian Film Industry, known lovingly as Bollywood, is one of the biggest cinema industries in the world, and you, dear Mumbai, are its heart and soul. To experience the movie magic, you offer sneak peeks into various studios with guided visits granting access to film lots, cast, and crews. You are also one of the best destinations to catch a Bollywood movie in its natural habitat, with iconic theatres like Edward Theatre or Liberty Theatre. You house industry legends like the “Badshah” himself, Amitabh Bachchan, who waves to fans every Sunday at his residence near Juhu Beach. You also hold dear to yourself the nearly dying art of handmade movie posters, now moving to obscurity with the invention of digital art, so that we can grab a piece of Bollywood history at exclusive shops in Chor Bazaar selling film industry memorabilia, including hand-painted movie posters that make for perfect souvenirs.

Finding Art in Daily Life at Dhobi Ghat

You do not just celebrate the grandeur and royalty, Mumbai; you celebrate life as it is for everyone. The best example of this lies in the heart of Mahalaxmi, where Dhobi Ghat is a testament to the unwavering dedication of Mumbai's dhobis (laundry workers). The sounds of clothes beaten against the flogging stones resonated louder than the dholaks (drums) in any festival. The vibrant colours, the rhythmic sounds, and the sheer scale of this outdoor laundry make Dhobi Ghat an unmissable spectacle. It's not just a laundry; it's a living, breathing testament to the city's industrious spirit.

Learning to paint the town Red at Kala Ghoda

Mumbai, you are not just a city but also a canvas for artistic expression. The Kala Ghoda Art Precinct, nestled in the heart of South Mumbai, is where creativity unfurls its wings. From street art adorning walls to contemporary galleries housing avant-garde exhibitions, every corner exudes a passion for art. The annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, which usually starts in January, transforms the precinct into a vibrant celebration, a testament to your commitment to nurturing the arts.

Escape from the Bustle of the City in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Though your mind is always running and your heart is always busy, you understand the need for peace and serenity. Hence, amidst your urban hustle, Sanjay Gandhi National Park stands as an oasis of greenery. Home to diverse flora and fauna, this sprawling park offers a sanctuary for nature lovers. The Kanheri Caves within the park, with their ancient Buddhist sculptures and rock-cut architecture, add a touch of mystique to this natural haven. Escape the city chaos and find solace in the serenity of Mumbai's own national park.

A Homage to History and Culture at Elephanta Caves

You are also a connection to our heritage and history, and nestled beside you, a short boat ride from the Gateway of India is the Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that transports visitors to ancient times. Carved into the basalt rock, these caves house intricately sculpted statues and reliefs dedicated to Lord Shiva. The journey to Elephanta is not just a boat ride; it's a passage through time, a connection to Mumbai's rich historical roots.

Celebrating the People, the Culture, and the City with a Bang during Ganesh Chaturthi

We celebrate everything you give to us and your love for us with one of the biggest spectacles in the country because that is what you deserve, dear Mumbai. During the Ganesh Chaturthi in August/September, we celebrate the arrival of Lord Ganesha and the city of Mumbai itself with a mesh of colours, joyous processions, and drum beats echoing through our hearts. These ten days are a love letter written in dance, laughter, and the scent of incense. Amidst the bustling fervour, Lord Ganesha graces every corner, weaving tales of unity, hope, and boundless love. This festival is Mumbai's heartbeat, a love affair etched in the spirit of celebration.

Mumbai, you are not just a city; you are an emotion, a story waiting to be explored. From the crowded bylanes of Colaba to the tranquil expanse of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, you embody a spectrum of experiences. This love letter merely scratches the surface of your allure, for every corner, every chai stall, and every local train ride adds a layer to the tapestry of your existence. As we navigate your streets, we fall in love with your resilience, your chaos, and your boundless spirit. Here's to you, Mumbai, a love letter etched in the echoes of your streets and the stories you share.

Forever Yours,

Admirers of Mumbai's Magnificence