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Tour Guide, Nairobi, Kenya

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1. Capitalise on advanced booking.

The only two places where you are guaranteed to witness the wildebeest migration in this world are Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania Serengeti. This means That everyone and anyone would be demanding to timepiece these wild animals and therefore, We get booked to the full potential at an unimaginable speed. Nonetheless, it’s never too late. Book now via   to get a glimpse of this lifetime event. Moreover, to be in a good position, prepared and well set, you need to make an advanced booking at least six months prior.

2. Consider booking your reservation with a reliable tour and travel company.

The Great Voyage of the wild beast is a once in a lifetime event; and unpredictable. You must reserve your safari with a trustworthy and experienced tour machinist who can offer you a decent watching experience and up to date data about the occasion. At a good time, you will be privileged to see countless prey and predator interactions as well as the stagiest kills you will ever see in your life. Anticipate grasping how the food chain works in its supreme authenticity. Only a good guide and tour operator such as will ensure that you experience this.

3. Have a realistic budget.

Owing to the attractiveness of the Great Migration, anticipate this trip to be relatively costly. Ensure you have a descriptive travel budget before boarding on your expedition to evade unforeseen overheads along the way.

4. Designate some time for your trip.

Perceiving the Great wild beast migration is not an action you can haste. Now that you are in the wild, your marching should contest that of the wild animals within your vicinity. Maintain your calm and focus, take your time, and be persistent as your guide attempts to catch decent watching spots.

5.Get suitable accommodation befitting your adventure.

Mobile tented camps have proved to be the best when it comes to the wildebeest migration. Note that Your choice of accommodation plays an essential part when it comes to this massive exodus and it can impact heavily on your tour .contemplate going for portable tented camps that move with the herds.

6. Dress in the right attire/gear.

Proper gear for the event is essential, just like any adventure in the wild. Bear in mind that this is someone’s habitat and so appropriate outfit that canvases well with those inhabiting the area is paramount. Additionally, your outfit should be comfortable and fit for the purpose intended. Your clothes should also be compliant with the fluctuating weather, particularly the Masai Mara, it’s never sure when the rains will overflow. Ensure you are equipped and prepared for these things.

7. Keep your camera ready. 

This exploration is not just for your eyes. It involves memories that will last forever in your life on earth as well as generations to come. Carry your camera along to arrest some of the magnificent happenings you will see from the exodus of the wildebeests and other animals, the birth of young ones in the process as well as the hunt by predators. Every single spectacle is a picture-worthy moment, so be sure to manuscript it.

8. Energize Yourself.

Ensure you have adequate vigour to endure staying under the sun. This is because, during this phenomenal event, you’ll spend 99% of your time under the sun, at times standing, straining your eyes, neck, head as you try to grasp the best shot. You will be out in the open fields for the greater part of the day. The tour operator may also make available bush lunches and snack breaks, but it’s not always guaranteed, and sometimes, it majorly depends on the package you take. It's therefore advisable that you bring light snacks to chew on when you’re feeling low. Just recollect keeping your litter with you regularly. Witnessing the Great Wild Beast Migration, the seventh world wonder is an electrifying and memorable involvement. Optimistically, these tips will help you to character out how to grasp the best of it during your official visit.