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7 Famous countries and their unusual capitals

7 Famous countries and their unusual capitals


Dubai-United Arab Emirates

  • What is the capital of Turkey?

Turkey, a land filled with traditions, architectural marvels, and culture, is often recognized along with its famous city Istanbul. People commonly tend to mistake Istanbul as the capital city of this country. While the misunderstanding is totally understandable, the capital of turkey is, in fact, Ankara, and not Istanbul.

Ankara is a city that is renowned for it's long-haired (angora) cats and goats. This city has a population that is equivalent to 1/3rd of Istanbul but is chosen to be the capital due to it's geographical position as the center and also due to previous political influences during the Ottoman rule.

  • What is the capital of the UAE?

UAE is a country that stands proud in the Middle East for i'ts modern thinking and rapid development. The core of this development is often found in it's prime city – Dubai! Dubai is also home to millions of tourists every year and is easily the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates. However, few are aware that the capital city of UAE is not Dubai and is, in fact, Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi is a city that is highly developed but cannot be compared to the boom that Dubai faces. So the next time you book Dubai attractions, make sure you pay a visit to the majestic capital of UAE – Abu Dhabi!

  • What is the capital of Canada?

If someone is asked what the capital of Canada is, you will find yourself surrounded by a few common answers. Namely Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal! However, fact remains that none of these cities regardless of how popular they are, are the capital of Canada! The capital of Canada is Ottawa, which is also the political core of the country.

While the other destinations may overtake in terms of beauty, touristic popularity and fame, Ottawa definitely hold the first place in terms of political power!

  • The capital of Switzerland, anyone?

Switzerland is a country we often associate with quality chocolates, snowfall and beautiful rivers. Most people assume Zurich to be the capital city of Switzerland due to it's beauty and popularity. However, the de facto capital of Switzerland is the city of Bern.

This country is a confederation that consists of 26 cantons. The majority of these have been sovereign states till the year of 1848 when the Swiss federal state was established.

  • What is the capital city of Australia?

Another common mistake people make while looking for Holiday tour packages in Australia is assuming that the capital city is Sydney, due to a large number of attractions and fame it holds. Your visit to Australia is simply incomplete without a trip to Sydney indeed!

However, the capital state of the country/continent is not Sydney or Melbourne but is Canberra. A less known fact, Canberra was named capital as a compromise. The cities of Sydney and Melbourne vied for the honor of being named capital up to the year 1808. Due to this the planned city of Canberra was pronounced capital instead.

  • What is the capital of Israel?

The most popular city in Israel is undoubtedly Jerusalem. The situation is complex in this land as up to 2017, Jerusalem was not proclaimed as the capital. Due to the financial significance and location of embassies, Tel Aviv was known as the capital up to 2017. Well, next time you plan a trip, consider paying a visit to this land and immersing yourself in it's stories and legends!

  • Is Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil?

Due to the Christ the Redeemer statue that towers over the town in Rio, and the immense amount of attraction it has gotten during the world cups and Olympics conducted in the past, Rio de Janeiro is commonly assumed to be the capital of Brazil.

However, the real capital of Brazil happens to be Brasilia and it also forms the political core of the country. Brasilia is also home to the country’s parliament.

Shocked much? Believe us! We are too! The world is a complicated place and size, popularity or touristic attractions aren’t the parameters that are used to determine which city should be the capital of a country. It is often political cores and location what determines which place in the country should be selected as the capital city! With this newfound information in mind, keep traveling and explore with #NOREGRETS!


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