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5 Reasons to Visit Romania

5 Reasons to Visit Romania

Any traveler should visit Romania at least once in his lifetime. Why? The answer is very simple: Romania is an amazing country! The unique Danube Delta, the wonderful Black Sea beaches, the numerous UNESCO monuments, the wilderness of the Carpathians Mountains, the medieval cities, the delicious traditional cuisine and wines, the native hospitality of the people - all these combined and much more, makes Romania a tourist destination never to forget. And if you are still not convinced that Romania is indeed a destination worth to be listed on your MUST VISIT LIST, let me present you top 5 reasons why Romania is so great!

1.  From plains to mountains in just one day

Romania is a country where you can enjoy all types of landscapes in one day just crossing it by car. You can have a short swim in the morning in the blue waters of the Black Sea and then, in the afternoon, you can cross the plains and hills from the south, enjoying beautiful landscapes of grain fields, lakes and rivers, woods and traditional villages. Towards the evening you will be already fascinating by the mountains and you will be enjoying the refreshing cold air and have a nice dinner accompanied with a glass of traditional blueberry brandy to make your day just perfect!

Romania Mountains

2. Sports and adventure tourism

And if you are already in the mountains, you must know that the Carpathians are a place where you can have an amazing time. During winter you can go skiing on over 100 ski slopes of different level of difficulty and in the summer, the Black Sea is the perfect place for water sports like windsurfing or scuba-diving. And if you are looking for something to pop-up your adrenaline level you must definitely try rafting on Jiu or Bistrița rivers or, why not, paragliding from the most beautiful mountain tops. And did I mention what extraordinary scenery you will be enjoying all this time?


3. The unique UNESCO painted monasteries of Bucovina region

Tired of too much sport? Is time for some culture! Come to Bucovina, a fascinating Romanian region situated in the north of the country. Here you can visit the famous painted monasteries, over 500 years old, now included on the UNESCO list, which will impress you with their exterior murals, brightly colors and traditional architecture.

Bukovina Monasteries

4. Treatment and relaxation

There is no perfect holiday without some authentic moments of relaxation. And what can be better than relaxing and improving your health at the same time? Romania has over a third of all mineral waters in Europe, recognized worldwide for their healing properties. The sapropelic mud from Techirghiol or Amara lakes is doing miracles for the skin tone and improves blood circulation and rheumatic symptoms. The Carpathians also hide numerous climateric resorts where you will certainly regain your strength and vitality.

Therapeutic Mud

Traditional sărmăluțe

5. Traditional cuisine and amazing wines

There is nothing like a good meal and a glass of good wine. The Romanian traditional cuisine is so rich and tasty that you will rapidly fall in love with it. Among the most used ingredients are sour cream and pork meat often prepared in very ingenious ways: smoked, fried, baked or transformed in incredible tasty bacon, ham, aspic or sausages. Famous are also the traditional „sărmăluțe” - meet and rice rolls, wrapped in cabbage or vine leaves. The Romanian wines are also incredible, as Romania has a millenary tradition in viticulture and many wines were awarded in international competitions due to their high quality.

In conclusion, Romania has it all! And I did not mention anything about the traditions, Dracula, the medieval cities and legends or about the multitude of protected areas like the Danube Delta or Retezat Mountains with its fairy-tale glacial lakes. But all these deserve to be discovered on your own so we are expecting you anytime you wish in our wonderful country!

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Contributed By Otilia Elena


Contributed By Otilia Elena