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5 Best Places for Your 2022 Winter Bucket List


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As the season of the chilling cold, Christmas and New Year celebrations, and definitely long vacations is all set to arrive in the coming months, travellers have already started their search for the best winter holiday destinations. However, picking the right travel destination does have its challenges. What place to pick and on what basis? And does it offer what you want, and even better,  do you know what you want? 

Well, we think you can start by answering a basic yet most crucial question- what are you actually looking for? Do you want to have a jaw-dropping adventure this winter season (like trying snowmobiling, skiing, glacial trekking, etc.), or do you want to immerse in the amazing winter festive vibes or indulge in a generous mix of both? Once you have figured this out, trust us, the major homework is already done! 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” 

~ Helen Keller

Then comes the next step of choosing the season’s travel destination based on your answer. To make it simple for you, tourHQ has curated a collection of the best destinations you can travel to in the soon-to-arrive WINTER 2022!

Finland- the ‘Snow-Country’

Dogsledding in Finland

Located in Northern Europe, close to the Arctic Circle, Finland has been sustaining itself as the top winter travel destination for ages! Why? It is simply because of the diversified and once-in-a-lifetime moments that Finland offers. Be it the winter adventure of snowmobiling, skiing, the crazy ice-fishing experience (fishing by creating a hole in the frozen lake through fish hooks and spears), enjoying the dance of Northern Lights in the open sky or visiting the home of Santa Claus (yes, you heard it right!), Finland can truly enchant you. The experience becomes more wholesome as you interact with the Sami people, stay in the igloo houses built by hand each winter, and go for a sledge ride with the most beautiful inhabitants of Finland- the reindeers! 

What adds more to the beauty of Finland is the traditional ‘Nordic spa’ or sauna therapy, a healing practice starting from a simple steam bath experience to outdoor bathing in waters of extreme temperature. So, for those seeking a wholesome experience of adventure, festive vibes, healing activities and local experiences, Finland is the place for you!

Do you know? Finland has been ranked first in the World Happiness Report since 2018.

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Switzerland- Ride through the Breathtaking Landscapes

Switzerland Train Ride

When in Switzerland, you absolutely cannot miss the Glacier Express train journey! 

Undoubtedly, the country is great for adventure and celebrating your New Year’s Eve; however, there is a unique experience attached to this place. The Glacier Express is not just any train journey; rather, it is the world-famous express known for tucking the travellers inside the slowest train in the world (yes, slowest!) and passing through the jaw-dropping beauty of Oberalp Pass, recording the snow-covered Alps, forests and bridges, connecting the East to the West of Switzerland. The experience is truly like being in a Disney fairytale!

Other attractions of Switzerland are Chateau De Chillon, the Castle that has inspired great artists due to its scenic location on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Swiss Grand Canyon for indulging in river rafting, The Abbey Of St Gall, harbouring a thousand-year-old library for the book lovers, St. Moritz for the crazy nightlife experience and the upcoming Lucerne Festival, an international festival celebrating classical music. So for those seeking adventure, festive vibes and unique experiences, Switzerland is the place for you!

Do you know? Switzerland has four national languages- French, German, Italian and Romansh. (This diversity means that even if you speak a different foreign language, you will easily fit in.)

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Prague- Let the Festive Vibes Begin!

Prague Nightlife

It wouldn’t be wrong to say what automatically comes to the mind when one says Prague is the lip-smacking Czech cuisine, especially Czech Beer. So, if you are someone looking to have the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve in these bone-chilling colds, Prague is the place for you. Do you know that Prague Castle actually runs a two-week-long Christmas market in St. George’s SquareNot only this, but the Masopust Festival also attracts a large tourist population that gathers to see the month-long celebration of parades, and beer parties, savouring the taste of Prague’s famous dish- Langos. It is a centuries-old tradition of celebrating the end of winter and welcoming spring with all heart and zeal.

Other attractions in Prague include riding the Christmas tram, visiting the specific museums, such as the Kafka Museum and Museum of Communism, taking a river cruise, enjoying local delicacies like cesneca, gulas, and Knedilky, cafe-hopping and participating in a wine tasting session, etc. Moreover, for art lovers, you must visit Cafe Louvre, famous for being the go-to place for Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein.

Do you know? Prague is also called “The City of Hundred Spires.” In fact, there are so many spires that nobody actually tried to count them!

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Quebec- Enjoy the Carnaval de Quebec 2023

Chateau de Quebec, Canada

Be it skiing in the rocky, snow-covered mountains or ice-skating in the Ottawa canal, Canada is surely a great place for winter adventures. However, the unique experience that adds a bonus to the place is the Carnaval de Quebec festival, the largest and the oldest carnival in the world. In this two-week-long festival, streets are bustling and packed with parades and other festive processions, live music, and food (loads of it!), where people participate in an array of fun competitions, such as ice hockey and winter volleyball, all headed by the Bonhomme Carnaval, the king of the party.

Other attractions that you can incorporate into your bucket list if you are visiting Canada this winter- witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the frozen Niagara Falls and the dancing Northern Lights in the sky, dog-sledding, relaxing in hot springs and savouring the taste of unforgettable Canadian cuisines, such as Poutine, Butter Tarts and Canada’s national drink- Ceaser.

Do you know? The world's three largest islands, Ellesmere Island, Victoria Island and Baffin Island, are located in Canada.

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Kashmir- 'Paradise on Earth'

Shikara ride in Dal Lake

Apart from being a place for adventure and an amalgamation of nature, culture and food travel, Kashmir is the perfect place for people looking to live and experience a different culture. 

Starting from the famous shikara boat ride on Dal Lake to skiing and cable ride in Gulmarg to strolling through the traditional Kashmiri markets to buy the Pashmina shawls and Hand Knotted Carpet crafts (both of which have received a GI tag, i.e. these Indian products can only be found in their respective place of origin!), travelling to Kashmir is like stepping into the realm of a foreign yet homely land of peace and simplicity.

Other attractions in Kashmir include snow-camping, exploring Pahalgam on a pony ride, attending the Snow Festival (a 3-day festival in Kashmir, conducting a vast variety of snow-related adventurous activities), heli-skiing on a high summit, feasting on Harissa- the winter special Kashmiri cuisine, and sharing the life and wisdom of the friendly Kashmiri people. 

Do you know?  The Floating Market in Srinagar is a major tourist attraction and its only kind in India and the third in Asia.

“Travel. Your money will return. Your time won’t.”

With the world coming back to normal after two long years of pandemic (what felt like 100 years for crazy travellers!), tourist travels across the world are expanding exponentially. According to the latest data available with UNWTO, “global international tourist arrivals more than doubled (+130%) in January 2022 compared to 2021.”

Hence, do not waste much time in online navigation; rather decide your intention, pick your destination, choose the right local guide who will make it happen, pack your bags and head out to gather the best winter experience of 2022-2023!