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35 New Travel Destination in Mae Hon Son, Thailand

35 New Travel Destination in Mae Hon Son, Thailand

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Mae Hong Son-Thailand

39 Community-based Tourism Villages in Mae Hong Son

As a researcher in community-based tourism, I’d like to share ideas for spending your holidays in Mae Hong Son. Over 3 years of developing community-based tourism villages in Mae Hong Son, over 30 communities were supported and trained in order to facilitate tourists with accommodation, activities, travel programs, 100% locally made products. Here are the villages, highlights, and approximate time from the district center. 'Thai' names of the districts and villages are already given.

Pai District (อำเภอปาย):

  • Pam Bok Village บ้านแพมบก (20 minutes): bamboo merit bridge (Kho-Guu-Soh), Pam Bok waterfall, trekking, etc.

  • Tha-Pai Village บ้านท่าปาย (15 minutes): hot springs, bamboo rafting, Memorial Bridge, etc.

  • Nam Huu Village บ้านน้ำฮู (10 minutes): Nam Huu temple, Chinese village, Yunlai sea of mist, etc.

  • Mae Yen Village บ้านแม่เย็น (15 minutes): huge Buddha image (white one), sun-set viewpoint,

  • Muang Soi Village บ้านม่วงสร้อย (20 minutes): organic vegetable, farm-stay, rice paddy, etc.

  • * Sai-Ngam Village บ้านไทรงาม (30 minutes): hot mineral pond, Lisu-tribe village, Ancient cave, etc.

Pang Mapha District อำเภอปางมะผ้า :

  • Pha Mon Village บ้านผามอน (40 minutes): Lahu-tribe village, Suk-Sabai Mountain trekking, home-stay, etc.

  • Tham Lod Village บ้านถ้ำลอด (40 minutes): Lod cave, Shan home-stay, the mountain of love, etc.

  • Baan Rai Village บ้านไร่ (10 minutes): fishing park, farm-stay, mystic cave, etc.

  • Ja-Bo Village บ้านจ่าโบ่ (20 minutes): lime-cliff viewpoint, Lahu-tribe village, panoramic view noodle shop, etc.

  • Mae La-Na Village บ้านแม่ละนา (25 minutes): 12-km cave, Shan village, shan home-stay, etc.

  • *Luk Khaolam Village บ้านลุกข้าวหลาม (20 minutes): spirit well cave (sinkhole), ancient cave, talking pigs, etc.

Muang District (Mae Hong Son city center): อำเภอเมืองแม่ฮ่องสอน

  • Na Pla-jaad Village บ้านนาปลาจาด (35 minutes): organic garlic products, bamboo products, traditional blacksmith, etc.

  • Pha-Bong Village บ้านผาบ่อง (20 minutes): hot springs, Shan food, textile, etc.

  • Paa-Puu Village บ้านป่าปุ๊ (10 minutes): tiger bean product, Karen textile, bicycle tour, etc.

  • * Huay-Duea Village บ้านห้วยเดื่อ (15 minutes): Huay Duea temple, long-tail boat, authentic long-neck Karen tribe, etc.

  • Huay-Hii Village บ้านห้วยฮี้ (50 minutes): 360 mountain-top scenery (Doi-Pui), wild orchids, Karen home-stay, etc.

  • Nong Kheow Village บ้านหนองเขียว (1 hour): floating tent, Nong Kheow lake, Karen home-stay, etc.

Khun Yuam District: อำเภอขุนยวม

  • Tor Phae Village บ้านต่อแพ (10 minutes): Tor Phae temple, bamboo products, Shan food, etc.

  • Huay Ton-Noon Village บ้านห้วยต้นนุ่น (40 minutes): WW2 historical trail, honey products, ATV tour, etc.

  • Pang Tong Village บ้านปางตอง (30 Minutes): Royal Palace, flora garden, homestay, etc.

  • Mae U-Khor Village บ้านแม่อูคอ (30 Minutes): Mexican sunflower field, Khun-Yuam viewpoint, etc.

  • Hua Mae Surin Village บ้านหัวแม่สุริน (30 minutes): Coffee plantation, rice paddy, Mae Surin waterfall, Karen tribe homestay, etc.

  • *Khun Yuam Community ชุมชนขุนยวม: local wisdom of herbal medicine, organic vegetables, Burmese-style temple, etc.

Mae La Noi District: อำเภอแม่ลาน้อย

  • Mae La Noi Community ชุมชนแม่ลาน้อย: cultural street, try river-fish dishes, multi-cultural road, etc.

  • La-Oop Village บ้านละอูบ (30 minutes): Lawa ethnic village, ancient-style silver making, 360 mountain-top views, large golden Buddha image, Lawa’s coffee, etc.

  • Ban Dong Village บ้านดง (20 minutes): Royal Project site, Phu-Dong organic coffee, traditional attire, etc.

  • Wang Khan Village บ้านวังคัน (15 minutes): bamboo and rubber boat rafting, fishing, try river fish dishes, etc.

  • Thung Ruang Thong Village บ้านทุ่งรวงทอง (20 minutes): Karen tribe fashion, local sweet and snack, etc.

Mae Sa-riang District: อำเภอแม่สะเรียง

  • Tha-Kham Community บ้านท่าข้าม (10 minutes): Northern style lamp, traditional musical instruments, herbal-oil and balm, etc.

  • Pha-Mor-Lor village บ้านพะมอลอ (10 minutes): Karen hand-woven dress, local wisdom of blacksmith, etc.

  • Mae Hor village บ้านแม่เหาะ (20 minutes): Hom-Hor coffee, Little Paradise waterfall, Mexican sunflower road, etc.

  • Thung Prao village บ้านทุ่งพร้าว (10 minutes): wood-carving products, local snack and sweet, farming activities, etc.

  • Pa-Pae village บ้านป่าแป๋ (40 minutes): Lawa tribe village, hand-woven Lawa’s dress, first Thailand’s rice bank, etc.

Sob-Moei District: อำเภอสบเมย

  • Pha-Pha village บ้านผาผ่า (20 minutes): Pha-pha the great monk monument, Pha-pha temple, Mae Ngao river viewpoint, farm-stay, traditional bamboo hat (Goob), etc.

  • Mae Kha-tuan village บ้านแม่คะตวน (15 minutes): reservoir, traditional attire, dried-chili paste, Phui-Kho Mountain, etc.

  • Mae Tha-lu village บ้านแม่ทะลุ (20 minutes): fish cave, beehive cliff, bat cave, black chilli paste, etc.

  • Mae Sam-Laep village บ้านแม่สามแลบ (30 minutes): Salween River, river fish dishes, multi-cultural community, Thai-Burmese border market, Salween river viewpoint, etc.

We also made video clips for 35 villages but in the Thai language. However, they can be a nice introduction to the places mentioned above. You can use this phrase “OTOP นวัตวิถีแม่ฮ่องสอน” to search on YouTube site. Then you will find a video list of all 35 villages.

We hope our project will be another choice for your holidays in Mae Hong Son province.

Aree Binprathan (PhD)



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