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John Terry
Ranked #1 out of 46 guides in Shanghai

We offer you both sightseeing and business trip in Beijing or other city of China,anyway,we specialize in tailor-made and customized trip for creating own unique tripitinerary.1. First rate private groups – See China in your own private vehicle with your own guide and driver.        2. Tailor made and customized tours – We specialize in tailor-made and customized travel because these ...

Nancy Xiong
Ranked #2 out of 46 guides in Shanghai

To this land I was born in, I have a strong attachment and a sense of pride. It is English, a universal language that helps me set up a bridge between those who are fascinated with Chinese culture and me, a girl who is ready to help them to discover this ancient land. It is my tour knowledge that enables me to share with them all about this city and my deep love of my hometown. China, in my eyes, is not only glorious in ...

Jerry Mio
Ranked #3 out of 46 guides in Shanghai

Hey! this is Jerry, pleasure to meet you guys here.  ;  )       I'm a english tour guide with naotinal license . I studied english tourism management in Beijing for four years and then worked as a english tour guide in Beijing for years in two American style running travel agents with no shopping with good reputations in the tripadvsor. The key of ...

Lisbeta Liu
Ranked #4 out of 46 guides in Shanghai

Hi all,This is Lisbeta Liu,chinese name is Cai xia liu,means colorful cloud . a professional tour guide and business interpreter in Shanghai,China,able to travel to hangzhou,suzhou,and nearby cities.Since 2009,I started to work as a freelance tour guide and interpreter for people who is from the all over the world. I enjoy my work,i love making friends during the work and travel. if you are ready,i am ...

David Wang
Ranked #5 out of 46 guides in Shanghai or www.kinconnectionchina.orgDavid@ChinaMissionTrip.comDavid Wang, founder of KinConnection China, and designer of China Mission TripDavid Wang founded KinConnection China with the original intention to provide supports for co-operation such as training, partnership, and conference between domestic and international foundations and Non-government organizations. KinConnection China is ...

Weilong Guan
Ranked #6 out of 46 guides in Shanghai

 -Birth date 出生日期: 16/09/1997 -Birth place 出生地: Beijing, China  中国北京 -Nationality 国籍: China 中国 -Ethnical group 民族: Manchu (Tartar) 满族 -Religion 宗教: Buddhism 佛教 -Work 工作: ChinaTour Travel Agency  华龙旅行社 -Address 地址:Union Latinoamericana 238, Santiago, Chile  智利圣地亚哥 -Hobbies 爱好: Oil ...

Jin Xu
Ranked #7 out of 46 guides in Shanghai

Hello may I introduce my self. I am Jin,I am a real Shanghainese woman. I was born here and never left. I am passionate to show you around and tell you about my home town. I work since 3 years as tour guide and interpreter, help visitors of our big city to find their way. Before I used to work as secretary for a marketing research company and i was responsible to organize all the business trips for my colleagues. So I ...

Randy Ng
Ranked #8 out of 46 guides in Shanghai


I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years. I started with Tour East as tour coordinator from 1985, then joined Pacific World Ltd. as Incentive Tour coordinator from 1991, in 1998 I started work for Abercrombie & Kent as tour manager till 2011. Since 2011, I established Culture & Leisure Ltd.; it is based on the idea to deliver the expertise information directly to the tourists from a present tour ...

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The largest city by population in the world, Shanghai is not the place for those afraid of crowds. Popular with tourists due to its fascinating world famous landmarks, Shanghai will not disappoint those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The largest city in the largest country in the world, you would do well to study your Shanghai Tourist Guide to make the most of your time in the city. Popular with locals and tourists alike, The Bund, located on the East bank of the Huangpu River, is a sparkling cluster of grand buildings, on the riverside promenade. Walk along as it flows into Nanjing Road, the ‘most commercial street in China’ with over a million people buying and selling each day. Museumgoers will enjoy the China Art Museum and Shanghai Museum while those seeking spiritual tranquillity will find it at Yuyuan Gardens and the City of God Temple.

Like many cities in the East, Shanghai’s history can be seen in the architecture of its streets. The fabric of its ancient past has been irrevocably altered by colonialism and globalisation into the diverse metropolis we see today. As it is often said, ‘Shanghai’s present will be China’s tomorrow.’

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