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About Zimbabwe

Home to one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Zimbabwe isn’t only where you’ll find Victoria Falls, but also the stunning wildlife of Hwange National Park, the impressive museums of the capital Harare and the largest artificial lake in the world, Lake Kariba. Once the richest country in Africa, Zimbabwe has seen its share of challenges since, but visitors can safely stick to the eastern region to get the best out of this destination. Tourism not only helps the local economy (which is now fuelled by the US Dollar) but is fairly navigable and an essential experience for those considering South Africa.
The former “Breadbasket of Africa” was also the center of the Munhumutapa Empire, which left behind archaeological remains in the form of the ancient ruins at Great Zimbabwe, a UNESCO-designated stone city located in the scenic Eastern Highlands of the country. A natural city of red granite rocks can be found in Matobo National Park, where safaris are a popular activity and two dams become the site of family picnics on weekends.


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