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About Zambia

The landlocked heart of Southern Africa is today one of the world’s most celebrated and accomplished safari destinations, proudly maintaining its reputation for raw and rugged experiences by nurturing the growth of grass-roots tour companies and home-grown Zambia tourist guides, while all the time keeping a beady eye on the influx of big-business.
Safari wise, the action is centred on three of the country’s major conservation areas: The Kafue, South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi. Recently these have taken on the self-proclaimed epithet of the ‘real Africa’, and it’s easy to see why when you’re cruising through the plains without another vehicle in sight!
Officially classed as the largest of its kind in the whole world, the definitive sight at Victoria Falls is also not to be missed, while the Zambian backcountry is peppered with a whole host of other worthy stop-offs, from the bird-rich fauna of Lochinvar, to the off-the-beaten-track Blue Lagoon Park, where the oscillations of Central Africa’s rainy and dry seasons can be witnessed in all their immutable glory.

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