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About Yemen

Having remained largely obscure and inaccessible to the modern touristic world, the country of Yemen still enjoys a reputation as one of Asia Minor’s truly enigmatic destinations, where the myth and mystery of the East still perpetuates between the romantic ancient cities and the rugged desert plateaus.
As your Yemen tourist guide will inform you over a social conversation that will most probably involve Qat, the capital at Sana'a is not only one of the world’s oldest cities, but also one of its highest. It’s a place of labyrinthine streets and geometrically adorned architecture that occupies a plain in the west of the country more than 2,000 metres above sea level.
The country’s western provinces also host the great Sarawat, dominating the land with rugged valleys of dusty rock. Here visitors can spy out ancient towns carved into the hills, or hike through some of the most breath-taking scenery on the whole Arabian Peninsula. The town of Shibam further stands testament to the traditional Yemeni building skills with its towering structures, their uniqueness perhaps only out rivalled by the naturally charming yet bizarre landscape of Socotra Island nearby.

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