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About Hue

Stretched on either side of the Perfume River, the serene city of Hue is a combination of old world versus cosmopolitan. Hire a bike to ride across the Japanese Bridge that joins the south from the northern areas or stroll along the promenade alongside the river banks savouring the freshness of the river or sit in one of the many parks amongst the well- manicured vegetation. Meet your Hue Tourist guide at the Ngan Gate, which is the entrance into the Citadel. Walk around the bronzed Nine Holy Canons, also known as the ‘Holy Invincible Generals’, which are regarded as guardian spirits of the Forbidden City. Take a cruise on one of the dragon boats to the holy site of Thien Mu Pagoda, which is still home to many monks. The Tombs of the Emperors, monuments to the rulers of the Nguyen Dynasty are elaborately decorated in vivid colours and imagery with various sculptures lining their pathways. After the peacefulness of the historical sites, a visit to Dong Ba Market will transport you into a world of sound, frenzy and busyness. It is here that one truly integrates with local culture and food. Buy one of the many souvenirs, the traditional conical poem hats or bronze items. If you are hungry taste a Hue sesame sweetmeat or try Bun Bo Hue – slices of beef in a noodle soup with chilli oil.

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