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About Halong

One of the true wonders of the world, the whole of Halong Bay in Vietnam is a UNESCO world natural heritage site. ‘Halong’ means literally ‘descending dragon’ and is taken from the ancient belief that the city was once protected from enemy forces by a dragon and her children.

The striking islands and islets all around the bay make a breath taking seascape of limestone formations attracting visitors from all around the globe. The best way to explore the mysterious and stunning karst topography of Halong Bay is by engaging a Halong Bay tour guide aboard a trip on a cruise boat, or traditional Chinese junk. Each island, archipelago or coastline has its own unique attractions such as the primitive cave Thien Cung, or ‘Heavenly Palace’ cave in the Southwest of Halong or the charming Cat Ba Island, home to a national park and the Cat Ba langur. For swimmers, kayakers, sailors and adventurers of any kind, Halong Bay is a destination you won’t want to miss. 

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