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About Venezuela

Many tourists who disregard Venezuela usually take its populist politicians into account and unceremoniously sweep it off their lists, leaving Venezuela unspoiled for the rest of us. Any curious traveler who thrives off of wanderlust, adventure and authentic cultural immersion need only look up the internet for  ‘Mount Roraima’ or ‘Angel Falls’ to find everything they love in Venezuela, and more.
This less explored country has something for absolutely everyone: ultra-modern cosmopolitan cities, romantic colonial Andean villages, the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline of any nation (which yield some of the world’s best beaches and island getaways), and the legendary Amazon jungle. Venezuela is considered one of the 20 megadiverse countries on the planet and is home to tabletop Tepuis (sandstone plateaus) that take up much of Canaima National Park, capturing the imaginations of explorers for centuries. Venezuelans are a fiery people who are fiercely proud of their culture - one that’s continually bursting with new ideas and artforms. Any good travel guide to Venezuela should have you asking, ‘Why not go to Venezuela?’

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