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About Uruguay

Located midway down South America’s eastern seaboard, Uruguay could be termed the last of the continent’s untapped jewels, a scenario fast changing with an exponentially increasing number of visitors being enlightened about its fantastic mix of natural beauty, unique culture and gastronomic treats. 
Many a Uruguay tourist guide are quick to boast of the postcard-perfect beaches that dot the coast, and while the best of these can get a little busy in the summer, the spots at Punta del Este and Punta del Diablo offer fantastic sun and some mind-blowing surfing opportunities.
City wise, the capital at Montevideo is a buzzing and exhilarating cultural experience, laden with theatres and marketplaces touting steamy meats grown on the pastures of Uruguay’s mountainous inland. Elsewhere the cobbled streets and adobe gaucho huts in the small town of Colonia del Sacramento in the southwest ooze with historic charm, while there are plenty of unmapped hamlets to discover in the hills. Other more remote spots like Cabo Polonio and Carmelo, still mostly unexplored by outsiders, offer a glance of more traditional Latin life, where fishermen and laid-back locals still cluster around the coffee houses and promenades.

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