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About Union City (California)

Just 30 miles south of San Francisco, Union City is a suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area and lies at the northern tip of Silicon Valley. A third of the East Bay’s “Tri-City” zone, Union City is accessible to all of the Bay Area’s amenities. Three international airports, nine city bus lines and six district bus companies make Union City a convenient base to regionally and locally explore from. Plus, the Bay Area Rapid Transit delivers visitors to any of the nearby hot spots.
Connect to the Muni Metro’s F Line to catch a ferry to Alcatraz or take a direct trip on the Orange Line to visit Berkley’s cultural epicenter. Visit the residential sites, San Fran’s bustling downtown, or the streaming bay water’s all from Union City’s rapid transit stop. A good Union City tour guide would remind you just how much can be seen and experienced from this seemingly quiet town.

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