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About Steamboat Springs

In this Colorado town, a Cowboy’s western rodeo meets a ski bunnies’ snowy getaway. The historic section of Steamboat Springs finds local ranchers in wide-brimmed cowboy hats, as agriculture continues to be a focal point of the city’s economy. Since its’ origin as a ranching town, tourism as been added to Steamboat’s profitable industries and it’s pretty easy to see why.
Natural mineral springs bubble through the region and offer a warm, spa-like indulgence for visitors and locals alike. In fact, because Steamboat Springs draws as many tourists as it does during colder months, the various hot springs provide a year-round appeal. After all, the birthplace of Colorado’s organized skiing community sees plenty of chilly weather. Six peaks make up Steamboat’s ski region, with one of Colorado’s steepest hills. As your Steamboat Springs tour guide will tell you, summer visitors also find their way up the mountains through hiking trails and gondola rides. Regardless of the weather, Steamboat remains a cowboy’s town through and through; rodeos and authentic western shops provide exhilarating entertainment in any season.

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