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About Santa Monica

Let the good vibes roll in Santa Monica, the loveable hub of SoCal life on the edge of buzzing Los Angeles. With its lanky palm trees and sportscar-filled boulevards, this hip district marks the point where the metropolis meets the sea. The Pacific Ocean rolls in, with frothing waves where long-haired riders carve on surfboards. There's Muscle Beach gym, where Arnie himself honed his physique. And there's a lacing of thought-provoking art galleries, enjoyable cocktail bars, and roller-skate-whizzing promenades. It's the place to be by the coast in the City of Angels.

Santa Monica tour guides will start your sightseeing at the iconic Santa Monica, surrounded by chic seaside shopping and Cali fashion outlets. Hop from there to the 18th Street Arts Center for creative painting workshops and independent galleries. Between the two, yoga clubs, mediation retreats, and health-food eateries abound in true West Coast style.

Fringing Santa Monica to the south is the grittier neighborhood of Venice Beach. Rambunctious bars echo with the rocking tunes of The Doors down there, while hotdog stands mingle with graffiti murals. Northwards is the affluent district of Pacific Palisades, just in case you fancied a little celeb spotting.

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