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About Santa Fe

The ultimate in New Mexico’s desert flair and southwest style, Santa Fe is a colorfully vibrant city. As the second oldest city in the USA, it is effortlessly timeless. Historic buildings and still lived-in pueblo neighborhoods hold a strong force in the city’s appearance, providing visitors interesting insight into the Native Americans who first settled here. Any Santa Fe tour guide would suggest an excursion through the past, with visits to the many museums, villages, town squares, and landmarks continuing to exist as living landmarks of the city’s early years. Let’s not forget the hiking trails and ski slopes bringing guests up close and personal with the region’s roots.
This deep-seeded history is an understated balance amidst Santa Fe’s expansive modern art scene, highly revered gourmet food community, and a commitment to physical and performing arts rarely matched by other cities. Named 2005’s most creative city by the UN, and 2012’s #1 Cultural Getaway, if these travel sources aren’t enough to convince you, head to Santa Fe today and see for yourself.

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