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About San Francisco

Long a hub of literary thinkers and philosophical contrarians and once the very beating heart of California, when thousands flocked westwards in search of gold, San Francisco, with its regal Georgian townhouses, liberal politics, sprawling hillside neighbourhoods and iconic bay-side skyline (think the Golden Gate Bridge) is now one America’s best-loved metropolises. And quite rightly so.
First-time visitors often head straight to the heights of Telegraph Hill, where the 210-foot Coit Tower offers up sweeping panoramas of San Mateo and the Pacific bay. Others trundle across the waters to Alcatraz; a stoic reminder that this city was once the site of America’s most notorious prison. But, whatever you do, come here with an open mind, ready to juggle the famous californian microclimates, ride the famous urban tramlines, sample the seafood on Fisherman’s Wharf, or explore the bustling streets of Chinatown.
For an evening adventure, be sure to quiz your San Francisco tour guide on the best downtown drinking spots or smoky beatnik speakeasies, where locals indulge in poetry readings and Californian craft ales flow from the taps. What’s more, San Francisco is famed for its top-quality wine bars, where those with more refined palates can go to taste the best in northern Californian reds and whites.

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