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About San Diego

If you've never been to San Diego, you are missing out. A laidback beach town on California's coast, it’s near impossible to feel anything but euphorically relaxed while in its city limits. A carefree-surfer vibe is present throughout San Diego, but the something-for-everyone neighborhoods make it a universally popular destination for singles, friends, or families. The nightlife and culinary delights boom downtown and Balboa Park boasts San Diego’s famed zoo. Your San Diego tour guide will direct you to La Jolla for water sports, where the Pacific Ocean views offer unmatched kayaking adventures.
Originally owned by Mexico before being obtained by the USA, San Diego’s cuisine and culture continue to pay homage to its’ roots. In fact, it is so geographically close to Tijuana that visitors and locals alike walk across city lines to spend a day in Mexico’s tourist town; this border crossing being one of the busiest in the world. San Diego’s Old Town also offers visitors a theoretical step across country limits with its’ Mexico-styled shops and design, but authentic Mexican food can easily be found throughout San Diego.

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