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About San Antonio

San Antonio is uniquely touristy without being crowded. It is commercial yet not busy, and urbanized but still gracious. Needless to say, this Texan city’s welcoming mood and must-see attractions draw tourists by the thousands. Downtown’s River Walk is the largest urban ecosystem in the nation, with tree-lined water banks and 15 miles of paved pathway. A stroll along the River Walk finds guests dining outside on traditional Tex-Mex cuisine, river cruisers gliding visitors down stream, and sightseers viewing the nearby historical landmarks.
As any San Antonio tour guide will tell you, no circuit of Texan history is complete without a visit to the city’s Alamo. A photo op for tourists and source of state pride for locals, the Alamo remains a high-travelled sight amidst San Antonio’s many attractions.  Most choose to visit this exciting city and the picturesque little towns surrounding it in the summer, so those wanting to avoid a crowd may book a spring or fall vacation. As it is, with temperatures rarely dipping below 70, any time is a good time for heading down to San Antonio.

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