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About Portland (Maine)

Portland, Maine’s modernized antiquity offers a relaxing getaway or road trip detour. Its’ cobblestone paths and brick-laid sidewalks bring European charm, while the boat shoes and breweries scream of New England’s good-time pace.  In short, it is the quintessential port town. Bars, restaurants, and galleries line the waterfront with live music and bright colors, while historic Victorian-era neighborhoods boom with antique architecture and art galleries.
Because of its’ busy downtown area, parking and driving can be more of a hassle than a convenience. Any good Portland tour guide can direct you to the public transportation bus lines but walking and bicycling are among the more common ways to get around. In fact, most locals stroll with such infectious calmness that visitors cannot help but do the same.  A walk through the old port, along the bustling storefronts and brewery doors is the perfect way to engulf yourself in the city upon arrival. With its’ laid back charm and exciting nightlife, Portland is a surprisingly well-understood blend of rowdy relaxation. 

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